Thursday, August 07, 2008

Busy As A Beaver!!!

It's been very busy around here.....Roy and I have just been little social butterflies!!

Friday: I took the MerryWidow to here!

We also had a small pool party with the HappyFamily. Roy told them the pool rules.

Thou shall not fart in the pool..... or bath water I added that one.....One would think that would go without sayin'...but no!

Everyone thought it was funny....that he didn't want people fartin' or shartin' in the pool....they laughed!
We added chemical the next day....just in case.

Saturday: The HappyFamily invited us to go to Springfield with them and then on to Branson to spend time at Celebration City.
I had the most fun at the BassPro!
Don't shoot me...and I still get to keep my ProfessionalShoeShoppersCard....I did look at one pair....Though they were really butch!!

That car simulator was super fun. When Roy saw it he just knew I had to do it.
Nobody was standin' around when I got there so I was next. There was some controversy over who got to drive which car....Like anyone had a choice in the matter.
There was a Red Car!! That was mine.
If you haven't done!
I squealed, giggled, and had it floored the whole time....even when I wrecked!
When it was over and I got outta the car...there was a crowd....everyone was smilin' at me. I felt a bit embarrassed....only a bit!
It wasn't like a stripper had sucked on my nipples...again!
Celebration City was just too hot to enjoy!! Once I rode the water ride I was fine but it was still just too hot.

Sunday: Grandpa's Fish Fry....and I got to see all my babies!! My niece was in charge of my camera while I cooked fish so I had no idea what was on the memory card. This is my most favorite...

My Granny and My Granddaughter.

Monday: Was a total do JackShit Day for us....I washed up Roy's clothes and started packin' his bag. He drew the short straw and HAS to go to Iowa!

Tuesday: We had to take the car back to the mechanic....and all is good with my car! I hope!
It will not be goin' to Iowa....The OldFolks are usin' the Buick.
My PoolBoy gave me lessons on what to do with the pool....other than just loll about on a floaty. Apparently, there's some work involved...who knew!!

Wednesday: I kissed Roy goodbye...he'll be gone for 5 days.

Oh what mischief can I get into??


Beth said...

your comment was so "spot on" and the only way for them to learn is to live it. so sad that it didnt last long but we all were prepared for that. seems the past couple weeks that no matter what we say, it was turned around to sound as though we were being mean and there was nothing mean said.I mentioned that HE would soon learn that he had kids with a very unique relationship as they are all best friends and spend alot of time together and have the same group of friends. Not common for kids of that age these days. She took it as though i was bashing her kids and saying that she wasnt a good mother and her kids were close like these kids..........ya just cant win with a psychotic mind i guess.

that baby in the pic is so cute !!!!!!!!

Miss Thystle said...

I don't know what mischief you WILL get into, but I bet it will be blog-worthy!

Bird said...

Wow, you've been busy and now you have the place to yourself!

Pools are a lot of work. I watch my neighbors messing with theirs all the time. At least you're retired.

Proto said...

Yes I did miss Eduardo. Have had nothing but good weather wherever I go all week long...