Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's in!!! I am so ready!! I bought it in May. Rain and other pool installations prevented them from comin' until now!

They rolled in at 7:15 and loaded up to leave at 12:00...actually they ate before they left but they were gone by noon!!

Now I have to fill it!!

And try out the ladder!!!

"Woman!! What are you doin'??!??"

Wooo Hooooo!!!!


MizAngie said...


How many packets of jello do you think it would take to gel the whole thang? (Kinky, huh?)

Or how about a GIANT BUBBLEBATH??? That would be awesome (but I don't recommend it for the filter...).

I'm jealous. You're making my backyard faucet look like chicken feed.

Jeankfl said...

Whoo Hoo!!! What time shall we all get there??? LOL Sorry I haven't been commenting much.. I've been busy, and no one's been writing or commenting very much! I've been reading, though! I always keep up with you.(or try to);) Now don't get burnt to a crisp out there!!

Bird said...

Hooray! You've been waiting long enough!

No, your feet don't stink. It's just summer. Blogland is always a little slow this time of year.

Grandmother Witch said...

I am so jealous. Looks like someone will be having fun soon.