Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend Update...

It was HappyHusband's birthday on Saturday. We were told dinner and movie.
I made myself pretty for a night out on the town.
My hair was fixed just perfect for the humidity. I had the cute shoes on with capris and flirty blouse....I was ready for anything!

And my cell phone started playin' Boomer Sooner at was the HappyWife. She was tellin' me what was fixin' ta take place. We were to meet them at the Twist&Shout and we would ride on in to Miami to pick up her bike.
"Meet us at 4:15."

I was ready for anything but that!!
I snapped my phone shut, "ROY!!!!"
He had no idea we were takin' the motorcycle! He had talked to HappyHusband at least twice that day. And not once did HappyHusband tell Roy we were bikin'!!

He had 30 minutes to get that big Hoss of bike out and started...sometimes it's a chore!
I had to change clothes from top to bottom!! Take of the "Cute Night on the Town" clothes for "Tough Biker Clothes"!
Off come the cute shoes for biker boots.
And all that cute hair was tied back.

Then we took Route66 to was a nice ride.
No real destination in mind.
Just a ride.
I think when you go to a certain town you should try the local flavor. Not eat at chain restaurant. Roy and I lived in that area for many years and very familiar with some of the better tried and true eateries.
The HappyHusband wanted Chili's....UGH!!!
Just becuz it's not in Joplin doesn't make it place to eat....Chili's, TGI Friday's, Garfield's or Applebee's are all the same to me. I can't tell the difference.
I turned my nose up at the thought....and it didn't go unnoticed by the HappyHusband! He's not my favorite person...he's just married my bestest friend. I'd give her a kidney!
But as I turned up my nose I suggested Cotton Eye'd Joe''s BBQ and it's good. The HappyHusband turned up his nose.
"Have you ever eaten there?" I inquired. Nobody should turn up their nose if you haven't tried it! Freakin' Idiot!
Of course he hadn't. But becuz life is what it is for me.....the PooPooBird follows me around and drops steamy nuggets on me....Cotton Eye'd Joe's was closed!! On the 4th of July Weekend, when every one is tryin' to have a fabulous time away from work...They're closed!!
We ate at Chili's.
The HappyHusband's steak was overcooked and tough!
Cooked by Teenagers workin' for the summer that don't give 2 shits about medium rare!!
But the best part of the evenin' was Roy's dessert! He had some cheesecake thing served in a shotglass. He seemed to enjoy it.
Every bit of it....right down to the paper wrapper that the Cheesecake came before they stuffed it into that shotglass....Roy put a mouthful of cheesecake into his mouth and chewed around on it for a bit and started to pull out what looked like a condom wrapper.
His dessert was comped!
Again Teens!

Oh Hey! I haven't even gotten to the Movie yet!!

The HappyHusband wanted to see Hancock.

I didn't get it.

I love Will Smith....I want him and Denzel for my Threesome.
Roy can tape it.

But I would have rather spent the $15.50 to see IronMan. I had read a review in the Tulsa World about Hancock. The critic was not sure how well the audience would like the way Hancock spoke to people. It was not the FreshPrince! He was very me pretty much....and Roy.
But Dude!!
Didn't you see Bad Boys??
Same just came outta a nicer dressed man!
And that fast movement of the's like being on the Tilt-a-Whirl!!
And the close-ups....I wasn't for sure it that was a mole on Jason Bateman's face or a zit.

Think DaffyDuck Screamin' it just before he got popped in the face with that huge power puff thingy.
I was so transfixed on the zit that I couldn't really get into their conversations.

Roy said, He's seen worse.....Yep, we were drug to see Vanilla Sky by the HappyHusband!!
And Evan Almighty!!
And that one by Chris Rock...I have no idea how to explain that one...I've tried to drink it from my memory.
It hasn't worked's a process.

It was a nice ride home in the dark...watchin' fireworks all around and lightenin' to the east.
Roy was hit by several large bugs in the hands and I had one hit me in the hurts!!

Good times...Next weekend....Roy's Dad's Birthday!!


Miss Thystle said...

Iron Man is well worth full price admission.

I saw wanted with Angelina Jolie on Saturday and it was super good for a boy movie. I'd go see it again.

MizAngie said...

You know, I can't stand HappyHusband and I don't even know him. HappyWife must really be somethin' for y'all to put up with that guy. Ugh.

Bird said...

Speaking of local joints--Los Tres Amigos. The first oen is in Lawton, OK and the other is in Wichita Falls. Hands down the best Mexican food I've ever had in my entire life. Enchilada plate--one of each. Hub gets all beef, but what fun in that?

I never go to the movies, but I'll probably be checking out a lot of this stuff on DVD.

jeankfl said...

I'm with Angie.. I can't stand him and I don't even know him!!LOL You all are sure good natured for all those two put you through!!

Deborah said...

Wow, why didn't Roy get to choose the restaurant and the movie? It was his birthday. Sheesh. I've heard great things about Ironman. How can you go wrong with Robert Downy Jr.? You can't really. Although I wouldn't a thunk you could go wrong with Will Smith either. Oh well, girlfriend, I took Ruthieroo to see Kit Kittridge: An American Girl. Boring! I usually like kids movies too, but this one was a waste of time. Thanks for stopping by. Tell Roy belated from Grandmother Witch.

Beth said...

oh i wish i had a inground pool but no......Party Princess and i both live in communites that have pools, that are shared by everyone that lives here.
tennis courts and a playground for kids. But it would be nicer to have one that wasnt shared by the neighbors lol
Some of the women that sit there all day have nothing better to do then bitch about what everyone else is doing so i dont go much!

Miss Thystle said...

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