Monday, July 28, 2008

The Trip To Iowa....

With Roy's parents.

I'm love goin' to visit his relatives in Iowa. This trip we are takin' his parents with us. With them thinkin' their gonna die at any moment and that they need to see everyone before that happens, we have the privilege of takin' them with us.
Sure we went with them to Hawaii and that was an ordeal but we weren't being transported in the same car!
The same frickin' car!!!!
For over 500 miles!!!
They....his parents...feel that their car....a should start watchin' all the buicks and see what age group is driving them...vast majority is senior citizens!!! But anyway, their buick...a car that has room for all 4 and our not fit for such a trip.
That means we get to travel in my car.

Let that soak in for a bit.

My car.

For those that do not know, I drive a Camaro.

The last road trip we took with them in my car was a 90 mile trip to Branson. It was awful!!!
My mother inlaw...QueenVictoria... felt she was too cramped up in the back seat....which is small...that she needed to stretch out her legs.
Between the seats.
On the console.
Bumpin' Roy's elbow.
At every curve.
At every shift.
It was awful!!

Over 500 miles!! And I need work done to my A/C.

So I thought it would be a great idea for us to rent a car with enough leg room for QueenVickie and enough room for our luggage. I would be gone for 4 days. I would need things!
Have you ever tried to rent a car??
O! M! G!

I could fix my A/C and have money to spend in Iowa and along the way for the price of a rental!!
I nearly died when that kid told me the cost of the whole thing...Shit my drawers I did!!

So we will not be rentin' a car anytime soon! I could put a down payment on a new frickin' car with money!
So we took my car to the A/CDude and he discovered oil in the antifreeze...which led to $1200 worth of work on it....and MY Mechanic feels confident that it's good to go.

I have my doubts.

So stay tuned for the Trip To Iowa!! It will be fun!



Dawn said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well....although...if all goes well the blog won't be half as funny for me to read...sorry...uncrossing fingers now.....

Miss Thystle said...

you know what helped my recent family trip? A full flask of adult refreshment.

Bird said...

I know they're old, but are they senile? A Camaro is NOT a four person car. Nor is a traveling car. A Buick, on the other hand, is totally a traveling machine. I know--I put 250,000 miles on the one I usedto drive (I was the only person under fifty I ever saw driving a Buick).

Jean said...

OH. MY. GOD... You're going all they way to Iowa in a Camero with Queen and King?? I think you'd better have LOTS of booze and xanax!!!!!!!! Oh, my, Nadine.. I'm just speechless!! I'll say a prayer for you and Roy!

Grandmother Witch said...

OMG you are not seriously going to do this. When are you leaving? Is there anything I can do to talk you out of it? Should I be checking the headlines daily for "Camaro driving Woman goes nuts and kills in-laws. Hubby recovering nicely."? Best wishes for your sanity.

Billie said...

Surely, Roy can convince them otherwise? Please say he can.

I would rather take a stroll to the front gates of Hell than endure that.

I have to agree with Dawn tho... if you convince them to drive the Buick, the stories will likely not be half as good. *blush in shame for wishing agony on you to get a good laugh*

VENTL8R said...

Where abouts in Ioway is yuh headin'? My inlaws are in Des Moines.

Daphne said...

Great work.