Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Those Freakin' Birds!!

Those damn baby birds are makin' me a nervous wreck!!
They freak out every time you go out the back door. They stand up and spread their wings and to me they look like their gonna fall out!!!


And sometime when I go out there they have their heads hangin' over the edge of the me nuts!!
Then they stand up ....on the edge of the nest!!


I have decided that if they bail outta the nest on their own....that I or Roy didn't have anything to do with was the way it was meant to be. But if I do something that makes them jump out...It will break my heart!!

"Honey, Can we put up a safety net?"

He rolled his eyes, "Woman, you are just nuts!" and walks away!!
But I saw him once poke one of them back into the nest!

And he came in the house to get me to watch them while he mowed the back stop him if they freaked out and tried to jump out!

As we got into bed one night, Roy said, "Did you see that the babies are gettin' feathers?"
Tell me I'm Nuts!!


Billie said...

They are so cute. thanks for the update! I wanted to know how they are doing.


Dawn said...

here's to no babies flying out of the nest to soon.....

Miss Thystle said...

(singing) someone's a mustachioed SOFTY, I'm gonna tell the other boys

Diane said...

Hi Nadine:
Awwww...that man has a soft heart, doesn't he? I think that's sweet. The babies will be just fine. The mother would never have built her nest there is she felt at all threatened. You should be very flattered; because they only build their nests where they feel safe.
I'm sorry that I've worried everyone with the last blog that I did. I've now put an explanation at the end of it, so people won't worry anymore.
Yes, you're right...."Black Crows" did the song and I heard it for the very first time last night and, in a way, it struck a chord with me. In a sense, I'm an addict, so the song made me sad. But, I'm fine. I'm sorry I worried you; but, I appreciate that fact that you care enough to worry....thank you, Sweetie.

ZooKeeper said...

My step-dad found a naked squawking baby bird in the garage so he brought it inside, then he found another and another. Something must have happened to the momma. All three of them babies made it! My mom and step-dad fed them blended up worms and chicken feed on a popsicle stick. It was nasty but those babies got their wings and once placed outside, they flew right into the trees. My stepdad still looks every time a bird flies by to see if it is one of his Starlings.

MizAngie said...

That's a cool looking nest. I'm surprised your cats aren't sleeping on the porch under that nest with saliva all over their chins!