Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Smatterin' of Crap

Happenin's over that last's been a roller coaster....wooo hoooo!!!!

My oldest daughter had a baby. The one and only girl grandbaby we are gonna get....the factory was shut down! She's so cute...but all babies are cute.

My car is in the shop havin' major work down...We took in to have the A/C charged and they discovered oil in my radiator....HUGE BIGGIE!!!! They wanted to fix that...riiiiiight, sure you do.
They drove my car 8 miles!!!
That was a major FUBAR on their part!!
An A/C charge??
And they drove my car!!??
But we took it to my mechanic....the one that I trust. He looked at and didn't ask if he could fix it but took matters into his own hands and wouldn't give it back to me!! He always asks Roy if he "really wants to fix the pickup" becuz I mean really, it's a "disposable truck". But my car, he kept it and started workin' on it.
And car and I...hit a major milestone together....150,000 miles!! Roy wasn't with I called to share the moment.

Sunday was RoySr's 85th birthday...which means a trip to the's not the most comfortable thing to ride in!
And it gets 18 miles to the gallon....add 10% goes down to 15 per mile!!!!!
What the hell is that all about??
Save money?? My Ass!!!
I still paid $4 per gallon!!!

We are plannin' a trip to Iowa which Roy's parents are goin' with us....wheeeee.
Well, we are goin' to stay with RoySr's's only right....with every one gettin' up there in age...and everyone feels like the "END" is just around the corner.....they are goin' with us.
And then QueenVictoria said, "while we're in Iowa can we go see my sister?"
Roy's not thrilled.
What started out to be a quick weekend trip to Iowa has now turned into a huge ordeal!!
Stay Tuned on that one!!

We went to our stock broker becuz those quarterlies we get, scare the peewater outta Roy!
"My account is hemorrhagin' and we need to put a tourniquet on it!!"
EdwardJones just laughed.
He did manage to smooth the ruffled feathers and told us to just sit tight.
Buy lots of gas from BP.
Drink lots of Pepsi.
And eat lots of Fritoes!!!

The Swimming pool update:
They leveled a spot and dumped a load of sand.
Then it rained.
Every frickin' time it rains a half inch, the pool gets delayed 3 frickin' days!!
Then it rained again.
We might have it in time ice skate on it this winter!!

Annnnd one last thing...I added music to the blog page. If it screws up your PC in loadin' my page, please tell me. I'll take it out. I have tried some pages that have certain addons and all it does is fucaaaahhhfreeze up my PC and I don't go back. Email me if it does it to yours. I don't care how cool that song is...I'd rather have the readers.


MizAngie said...

I can just see you and Roy doing pairs skating on the pool. Ha!

I feel a little safer with my retirement in the state retirement system but the companies cutting insurance benefits is scaring me to death. I guess I didn't retire this year. Maybe December, probably not. I'm a chicken shit.

Bird said...

What is it with that Ethynol business? It costs the same and doesn't work as well. I'm not fond of that AT aLL!!!

the trip to Iowa sounds painful--do I need to add you to my prayer list?

Vickie said...

I just had a Pepsi today, I normally drink Dr. Pepper. Fritos are one of my basic food groups. Maybe I need to look into that stock thing.
Don't even get me started on the gas prices. No camping trip to OKC for me this year. Bummer

Mannyed said...

Have fun in Iowa..damn can't you have any friends or family in NYC?

Congrats on the birth of your grandbaby! YAY!

Ps...the pepsi thing is true, I have stock in Pepsi, lol.

Sherrie said...

~bops in groovin' to da tunes~

Congrats on the wee baby girl! When I was home visiting, my nephew came to see me at Magick's house. He brought his brand new baby girl, or shall I call her my brand new baby great niece. Mmmm babies smell so good don't they!