Friday, July 18, 2008

Roy's Summer TV Favorites...

Roy loves to watch Swingtown.
I'm not sold on it.
I'm jaded.
I've watched way too much PlayBoyChannel!!
They sell like it will be so taboo and then nothing!
I spend most of my time watchin', thinkin' I had all those shirts and I know I had those jeans!
I love the music though.
Big Brother is top priority!
Roy is ready for Renny to go!!
I kinda like her. She's the mother I wish I had....she's offbeat!
It will be interestin' to see how it all plays out.
The kids in the house coddle the old guy but they hate Renny....I don't get it!!
Roy has only watched one episode of Flashpoint....he's been there and done that. He was schooled at Quantico.
He was so excited about this show and had high hopes for it.
He mostly sits on his couch grumblin'.
"Every sniper is cringin' right now! Look at his trigger finger!!"
"That's all wrong!"
"Oh grow a set!!"
"If you can't do the job and walk tall go do somethin' else!!"
Honey, they're just actors.


Bird said...

I've heard that the show is good. I don't have TV, but I don't know. The reviewer really liked the authentic seventies vibe.

MizAngie said...

I don't watch the reality shows. Do you get TruTV? They have what they call "actuality" shows. Anyway, there's one called Black Gold and it's about oil rigs. One of the guys on the Big Dog (?) rig is my friend's grandson. Derek.

I love the Nadine song!!! Who does that? I missed the rock & roll of my era (and just past) because I was into country at the time.