Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh My God, Becky!!!

As I was goin' thru the "Sexy photos" that Roy shot of pool...with tongue firmly in check...with eyes rollin'... shakin' my head at them....I could not help but laugh!

Roy was baffled, "What?"
"That woman in your pool...in that "sexy swimsuit"....has a big ass!"

He just grinned, "But she's a lot of fun."

Oh My God Becky, He's Warped!!


Grandmother Witch said...

Sounds like love to me.

MizAngie said...

Baby got BACK!!! hahahhaha. Are you sure Roy's not a black man in a white man's skin? He seems to like a little junk in your trunk! Ha!!

Bird said...

LMAO over here!

Vickie said...

Fat bottem girl make the rockin world go round.