Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not So Odd Dreams...

I haven't had one in awhile....nothing that compares to that one.
That one was over the top!!

But before I tell you about the dream let me give a little background.

When I was married to EarlLee, he moved us around...a lot! We were married 11 years and we lived in 15 different places. Over the years, I have had a re-occurrin' dream. One where I have to go to an old house or an old rundown apartment buildin' to get my stuff that EarlLee made me leave behind. I have to get my stuff becuz someone is tearin' down that old house or apartment. I've never been able to figure out what the re-occurrin' dream is all about...I need therapy I'm sure!
But there are 3 rooms. One room filled with beautiful antiques...all polished and ready for me to pack up....and I'm always thinkin' "Why did I let him talk me into leavin' all of it behind?"
The second room is always filled the girls' clothes and toys...sometimes it's messy and sometimes it's just as clean as the antique furniture.
The 3rd room is simple with 2 twin in the right corner, one in the left corner with a bathroom in between them....I think it's a bathroom. I've never went in there.
These houses and apartments have been all over the world though EarlLee never moved me outta the state of Oklahoma.

So now that you know all that....I had to go to New Yor City to get my stuff.
One of my daughters and I were at a gas station fillin' up the UHaul, fixin' ta head back to Oklahoma when MzGina, TheHusband and a man friend came in the store.
Their man friend was pretty damn handsy for a first time meetin'!!
I would push his hands away and try to continue talkin' to MzGina....finally we went outside to get away from him and into a vacant lot where there was just tall grass and rubble to chat and laugh about meetin' each other in such an odd way.
And she says "This is what's left of Shea Stadium!"

And I woke up to find Roy givin' me a boob massage!!

Handsy Man figured out!
Rubble of Shea Stadium you ask?

I went to sleep listenin' to the New Yor City news about the "Last Play at the Shea".

And yes, I know about the "k"'s a joke between me and MzGina.... Not just becuz I'm dumbass from Okie-Homa!

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Mannyed said...

hahahahaha LMAO! I can't believe I didn't see this sooner! That is too freaking funny! Cant' breath, laughing too hard!