Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No! You Go!

With all the new responsibilities of the pool...and the cats....and the heat....and the dogs... Roy is trippin'!!
He is all freaked out about what to do with everything....all the details have to be figured out before he can feel good about goin' to Iowa.
So I volunteered ,"You go and I'll stay."
"Well, that isn't a good idea either!"
So I said, "You stay home and I'll take the old folks to Iowa!"
He laughed like he liked that idea!
"Seriously, You stay home. This fun little weekend trip to see the cousins has turned into a week long "GoodBye Tour" for the old folks. I can handle drivin' them around. I do it for the old ladies. But you know your aunt and uncle will be sorely dissapointed if you don't show up. You are their favorite nephew."

He is still thinkin' that over....we'll see how that comes out in the wash!


Miss Thystle said...

he should totally go alone. It's a brilliant plan!

Jeankfl said...

Have you lost your mind?? Offering to let him stay home?? Isn't he afraid you'd kill them and dump their bodies in a ditch??LOL I hope he doesn't think that will be a good idea!! Although Queen Vickie might not like him stayin' home!

Beth said...

i bet you are enjoying that pool. i would be living in it.
Hope your week is going great.

Bird said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if he goes by himself. I'm not sure you'll be that lucky, though. I know my Hub wouldn't let me off the hook.

CindyR said...

You mean that pool is finally ready and I wasn't invited to the first pool party? HA!
Hope you are enjoying need it with the heat!
I would make him himself! LOL but that's just me.
Enjoy that pool girl!