Monday, July 21, 2008

Great Gonzo!!

Yes, That's right! I saw UncleTed again!!

And I will never go to another outdoor concert again!!!
I love Ted and he puts on a super awesome show but I can't take the drunks.
We all know that I'm not above havin' a drink or two and havin' fun but not when I do concerts. I paid the money to see the show not mess with drunks. And I'm not an obnoxious drinker.

I when I heard that Nugent was coming to town I was so excited and Roy didn't hesitate to say yes. He said "Do whatever you have to do to get front row." He has told everyone he knows that The Nuge was The Best Concert Ever....and I ain't arguin' about it!

But NOOOoooo!! It was outdoors with general admission!!

We went to ZZTop...Roy first huge concert. And it was outdoors.
He's seen Clint Black with some small time dude openin' for him by the name of Garth Brooks. So he no frame of reference of a REAL concert..... Sure Brooks sells out now but he didn't when Roy saw him.....THIS WAS ZZTop!!!!
The same 3 guys playin' the same 3 chords for 3 decades!!!

I wanted to go get in line at 2!! Roy had other ideas.
We rolled in the parking area at 5:00!!
The gates open at 6!!!
And the line was almost a mile long!

Lesson Learned!!
I still had a good view the concert.
Not the best but I WAS THERE and that's all that mattered.

So when Skynyrd came to town we were in line at 2!!
And for Big and Rich I sat in the rain at 2 for the gates to open at 6!!
And I had good seats.
We found that the best place was to sit with our backs against the SoundDude's Area....Keeps people from walkin' behind us....and still close enough to the action. Only occasionally bothered by drunks.

With UncleTed.....I got in line at 5 and was the first one at the gate!! Which didn't open until 7!!
What gives??
Do they not know what is about to take place???

And I figured from our favorite spot I could be at the of drunks....see The Nuge and be happy. So there was no real point to get in line so one fights to sit in front of the SoundDudes Area!

But this how it went down....Ted Nugent is The Best Concert that Roy has Ever Seen.

Roy, with our lawn chairs in hand, took off and ran...well it wasn't really a run....more of trot. And Of Course I Don't Run....followed him to the FRONT!!!!

Close enough to have Ted's Sweat hit me!

And then this happened,

And That is how I watched the Best Concert Ever!!
Just before Ted took the stage, every one and their dog pup...wait....what did Roy call them...I want to get it right.....maggot mother fuckin' assholes...was the words.... came from every where...the back row...the parkin' lot...the frickin' casino to the front!!!
Wait....DRUNK maggot mother fuckin' assholes....that was it!!!
And he was not quiet about his disgust!
To stand along some pushy asshole friend of theirs on the front row!!!!

So much for doin' the time to sit in line!!

It was like I was in a frickin' mosh pit!!
I was stepped on, elbowed, pushed, and nearly knocked down so many times that I lost count. Once the pushy drunk assholes that knows everyone, lost his balance...they do that you know....nearly fell into me. He instantly apologized.
But Roy told him, "And that will get your bell rung!"

And here we go again!

Oh that wasn't the first time those two got into it.
When Roy staked out his claim to his section of the front of THE BEST CONCERT EVER, They had words before I even knew what was happenin'....I was still puttin' my stuff I could be Roy's back keen bar fightin' skills might be needed so I put my purse down. And before I could turn around they had kissed and made up.

But it was a fleetin' romance!

And what really ticks me off is I had to throw away my Gatorade....Drink Lots of Gatorade, Pepsi owns it and I have stock....I had to trash it before goin' in the concert area. God Forbid that I have a Gatorade when the pushy frickin'asshole on the front row that seemed to know EVERYONE pulls out a frickin' joint and smokes it in front of FRICKIN' SECURITY!!!!

What the Fuck is that all about???

I love you Uncle Ted but that is the last time I do an outdoor concert!


Bird said...

The only way to enjoy a concert like that is to be the drunkest one there. Similar thing happened to me at a bar in Nashville and I realized that I didn't want to be drunk enough to enjoy that concert. It either has to be the kind of thing that you can enjoy anywhere in the place or don't bother.

Redneck Diva said...

My friend and I saw Brad Paisley outdoors @ Buffalo Run a few years ago. We sat there getting happily drunk through the two opening acts, thinking we had good seats...then 2 minutes before Brad came on stage everyone and their grandma rushed the stage and our good seats were gone!

Sadly, we have tickets for the rescheduled Brooks and Dunn concert in October. I hate outdoor concerts.

Now Rick Springfield...we saw his old ass indoors quite happily! LOL