Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Day Has Come!!

I was in the bedroom watchin' the news when Roy came in and sat on the bed next to me. He picked up my hand and caressed it.
"Babe, One the baby birds is gone."
He knew I would be upset.
"Babe, there were cats on the ground and I don't think he made it far."
Bigger GASP!!!
I was instantly on my feet!
I would choke that baby bird outta that cat!!!

"Now Baby, don't go out there! There's nothing you can do!"

I had to see for myself if one was missin'! He could be wrong!
He didn't actually see the bird leave the nest.
I opened the blinds and counted....only 4!

Damn Cats!!!

But the first thing I did the next mornin' was get a step stool and a mirror and go out there to take a headcount!!

All 5 were there!!!



MizAngie said...


Beth said...

oh i bet you were gald to see that !!! whew

hope you had a great weekend !!!

Miss Thystle said...

whew, good thing Roy can't count, there would be some strangled cats out there.