Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No! You Go!

With all the new responsibilities of the pool...and the cats....and the heat....and the dogs... Roy is trippin'!!
He is all freaked out about what to do with everything....all the details have to be figured out before he can feel good about goin' to Iowa.
So I volunteered ,"You go and I'll stay."
"Well, that isn't a good idea either!"
So I said, "You stay home and I'll take the old folks to Iowa!"
He laughed like he liked that idea!
"Seriously, You stay home. This fun little weekend trip to see the cousins has turned into a week long "GoodBye Tour" for the old folks. I can handle drivin' them around. I do it for the old ladies. But you know your aunt and uncle will be sorely dissapointed if you don't show up. You are their favorite nephew."

He is still thinkin' that over....we'll see how that comes out in the wash!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh My God, Becky!!!

As I was goin' thru the "Sexy photos" that Roy shot of pool...with tongue firmly in check...with eyes rollin'... shakin' my head at them....I could not help but laugh!

Roy was baffled, "What?"
"That woman in your that "sexy swimsuit"....has a big ass!"

He just grinned, "But she's a lot of fun."

Oh My God Becky, He's Warped!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Trip To Iowa....

With Roy's parents.

I'm love goin' to visit his relatives in Iowa. This trip we are takin' his parents with us. With them thinkin' their gonna die at any moment and that they need to see everyone before that happens, we have the privilege of takin' them with us.
Sure we went with them to Hawaii and that was an ordeal but we weren't being transported in the same car!
The same frickin' car!!!!
For over 500 miles!!!
They....his parents...feel that their car....a should start watchin' all the buicks and see what age group is driving them...vast majority is senior citizens!!! But anyway, their buick...a car that has room for all 4 and our not fit for such a trip.
That means we get to travel in my car.

Let that soak in for a bit.

My car.

For those that do not know, I drive a Camaro.

The last road trip we took with them in my car was a 90 mile trip to Branson. It was awful!!!
My mother inlaw...QueenVictoria... felt she was too cramped up in the back seat....which is small...that she needed to stretch out her legs.
Between the seats.
On the console.
Bumpin' Roy's elbow.
At every curve.
At every shift.
It was awful!!

Over 500 miles!! And I need work done to my A/C.

So I thought it would be a great idea for us to rent a car with enough leg room for QueenVickie and enough room for our luggage. I would be gone for 4 days. I would need things!
Have you ever tried to rent a car??
O! M! G!

I could fix my A/C and have money to spend in Iowa and along the way for the price of a rental!!
I nearly died when that kid told me the cost of the whole thing...Shit my drawers I did!!

So we will not be rentin' a car anytime soon! I could put a down payment on a new frickin' car with money!
So we took my car to the A/CDude and he discovered oil in the antifreeze...which led to $1200 worth of work on it....and MY Mechanic feels confident that it's good to go.

I have my doubts.

So stay tuned for the Trip To Iowa!! It will be fun!


Friday, July 25, 2008

O! M! G!

I knew the day would come.
A person is never prepared for matter how much you matter what you do...the day comes.

Roy was all excited when he came in the house. "Get on your sexiest swimsuit for some photos in the pool!"


The whole sexy swimsuit and photos was enough to make me wanna puke.

But it's my pool!!!

I just had to do it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's in!!! I am so ready!! I bought it in May. Rain and other pool installations prevented them from comin' until now!

They rolled in at 7:15 and loaded up to leave at 12:00...actually they ate before they left but they were gone by noon!!

Now I have to fill it!!

And try out the ladder!!!

"Woman!! What are you doin'??!??"

Wooo Hooooo!!!!

Do My Feet Stink???

Or Have I offended everyone??


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not So Odd Dreams...

I haven't had one in awhile....nothing that compares to that one.
That one was over the top!!

But before I tell you about the dream let me give a little background.

When I was married to EarlLee, he moved us around...a lot! We were married 11 years and we lived in 15 different places. Over the years, I have had a re-occurrin' dream. One where I have to go to an old house or an old rundown apartment buildin' to get my stuff that EarlLee made me leave behind. I have to get my stuff becuz someone is tearin' down that old house or apartment. I've never been able to figure out what the re-occurrin' dream is all about...I need therapy I'm sure!
But there are 3 rooms. One room filled with beautiful antiques...all polished and ready for me to pack up....and I'm always thinkin' "Why did I let him talk me into leavin' all of it behind?"
The second room is always filled the girls' clothes and toys...sometimes it's messy and sometimes it's just as clean as the antique furniture.
The 3rd room is simple with 2 twin in the right corner, one in the left corner with a bathroom in between them....I think it's a bathroom. I've never went in there.
These houses and apartments have been all over the world though EarlLee never moved me outta the state of Oklahoma.

So now that you know all that....I had to go to New Yor City to get my stuff.
One of my daughters and I were at a gas station fillin' up the UHaul, fixin' ta head back to Oklahoma when MzGina, TheHusband and a man friend came in the store.
Their man friend was pretty damn handsy for a first time meetin'!!
I would push his hands away and try to continue talkin' to MzGina....finally we went outside to get away from him and into a vacant lot where there was just tall grass and rubble to chat and laugh about meetin' each other in such an odd way.
And she says "This is what's left of Shea Stadium!"

And I woke up to find Roy givin' me a boob massage!!

Handsy Man figured out!
Rubble of Shea Stadium you ask?

I went to sleep listenin' to the New Yor City news about the "Last Play at the Shea".

And yes, I know about the "k"'s a joke between me and MzGina.... Not just becuz I'm dumbass from Okie-Homa!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Great Gonzo!!

Yes, That's right! I saw UncleTed again!!

And I will never go to another outdoor concert again!!!
I love Ted and he puts on a super awesome show but I can't take the drunks.
We all know that I'm not above havin' a drink or two and havin' fun but not when I do concerts. I paid the money to see the show not mess with drunks. And I'm not an obnoxious drinker.

I when I heard that Nugent was coming to town I was so excited and Roy didn't hesitate to say yes. He said "Do whatever you have to do to get front row." He has told everyone he knows that The Nuge was The Best Concert Ever....and I ain't arguin' about it!

But NOOOoooo!! It was outdoors with general admission!!

We went to ZZTop...Roy first huge concert. And it was outdoors.
He's seen Clint Black with some small time dude openin' for him by the name of Garth Brooks. So he no frame of reference of a REAL concert..... Sure Brooks sells out now but he didn't when Roy saw him.....THIS WAS ZZTop!!!!
The same 3 guys playin' the same 3 chords for 3 decades!!!

I wanted to go get in line at 2!! Roy had other ideas.
We rolled in the parking area at 5:00!!
The gates open at 6!!!
And the line was almost a mile long!

Lesson Learned!!
I still had a good view the concert.
Not the best but I WAS THERE and that's all that mattered.

So when Skynyrd came to town we were in line at 2!!
And for Big and Rich I sat in the rain at 2 for the gates to open at 6!!
And I had good seats.
We found that the best place was to sit with our backs against the SoundDude's Area....Keeps people from walkin' behind us....and still close enough to the action. Only occasionally bothered by drunks.

With UncleTed.....I got in line at 5 and was the first one at the gate!! Which didn't open until 7!!
What gives??
Do they not know what is about to take place???

And I figured from our favorite spot I could be at the of drunks....see The Nuge and be happy. So there was no real point to get in line so one fights to sit in front of the SoundDudes Area!

But this how it went down....Ted Nugent is The Best Concert that Roy has Ever Seen.

Roy, with our lawn chairs in hand, took off and ran...well it wasn't really a run....more of trot. And Of Course I Don't Run....followed him to the FRONT!!!!

Close enough to have Ted's Sweat hit me!

And then this happened,

And That is how I watched the Best Concert Ever!!
Just before Ted took the stage, every one and their dog pup...wait....what did Roy call them...I want to get it right.....maggot mother fuckin' assholes...was the words.... came from every where...the back row...the parkin' lot...the frickin' casino to the front!!!
Wait....DRUNK maggot mother fuckin' assholes....that was it!!!
And he was not quiet about his disgust!
To stand along some pushy asshole friend of theirs on the front row!!!!

So much for doin' the time to sit in line!!

It was like I was in a frickin' mosh pit!!
I was stepped on, elbowed, pushed, and nearly knocked down so many times that I lost count. Once the pushy drunk assholes that knows everyone, lost his balance...they do that you know....nearly fell into me. He instantly apologized.
But Roy told him, "And that will get your bell rung!"

And here we go again!

Oh that wasn't the first time those two got into it.
When Roy staked out his claim to his section of the front of THE BEST CONCERT EVER, They had words before I even knew what was happenin'....I was still puttin' my stuff I could be Roy's back keen bar fightin' skills might be needed so I put my purse down. And before I could turn around they had kissed and made up.

But it was a fleetin' romance!

And what really ticks me off is I had to throw away my Gatorade....Drink Lots of Gatorade, Pepsi owns it and I have stock....I had to trash it before goin' in the concert area. God Forbid that I have a Gatorade when the pushy frickin'asshole on the front row that seemed to know EVERYONE pulls out a frickin' joint and smokes it in front of FRICKIN' SECURITY!!!!

What the Fuck is that all about???

I love you Uncle Ted but that is the last time I do an outdoor concert!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Roy's Summer TV Favorites...

Roy loves to watch Swingtown.
I'm not sold on it.
I'm jaded.
I've watched way too much PlayBoyChannel!!
They sell like it will be so taboo and then nothing!
I spend most of my time watchin', thinkin' I had all those shirts and I know I had those jeans!
I love the music though.
Big Brother is top priority!
Roy is ready for Renny to go!!
I kinda like her. She's the mother I wish I had....she's offbeat!
It will be interestin' to see how it all plays out.
The kids in the house coddle the old guy but they hate Renny....I don't get it!!
Roy has only watched one episode of Flashpoint....he's been there and done that. He was schooled at Quantico.
He was so excited about this show and had high hopes for it.
He mostly sits on his couch grumblin'.
"Every sniper is cringin' right now! Look at his trigger finger!!"
"That's all wrong!"
"Oh grow a set!!"
"If you can't do the job and walk tall go do somethin' else!!"
Honey, they're just actors.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Smatterin' of Crap

Happenin's over that last's been a roller coaster....wooo hoooo!!!!

My oldest daughter had a baby. The one and only girl grandbaby we are gonna get....the factory was shut down! She's so cute...but all babies are cute.

My car is in the shop havin' major work down...We took in to have the A/C charged and they discovered oil in my radiator....HUGE BIGGIE!!!! They wanted to fix that...riiiiiight, sure you do.
They drove my car 8 miles!!!
That was a major FUBAR on their part!!
An A/C charge??
And they drove my car!!??
But we took it to my mechanic....the one that I trust. He looked at and didn't ask if he could fix it but took matters into his own hands and wouldn't give it back to me!! He always asks Roy if he "really wants to fix the pickup" becuz I mean really, it's a "disposable truck". But my car, he kept it and started workin' on it.
And car and I...hit a major milestone together....150,000 miles!! Roy wasn't with I called to share the moment.

Sunday was RoySr's 85th birthday...which means a trip to the's not the most comfortable thing to ride in!
And it gets 18 miles to the gallon....add 10% goes down to 15 per mile!!!!!
What the hell is that all about??
Save money?? My Ass!!!
I still paid $4 per gallon!!!

We are plannin' a trip to Iowa which Roy's parents are goin' with us....wheeeee.
Well, we are goin' to stay with RoySr's's only right....with every one gettin' up there in age...and everyone feels like the "END" is just around the corner.....they are goin' with us.
And then QueenVictoria said, "while we're in Iowa can we go see my sister?"
Roy's not thrilled.
What started out to be a quick weekend trip to Iowa has now turned into a huge ordeal!!
Stay Tuned on that one!!

We went to our stock broker becuz those quarterlies we get, scare the peewater outta Roy!
"My account is hemorrhagin' and we need to put a tourniquet on it!!"
EdwardJones just laughed.
He did manage to smooth the ruffled feathers and told us to just sit tight.
Buy lots of gas from BP.
Drink lots of Pepsi.
And eat lots of Fritoes!!!

The Swimming pool update:
They leveled a spot and dumped a load of sand.
Then it rained.
Every frickin' time it rains a half inch, the pool gets delayed 3 frickin' days!!
Then it rained again.
We might have it in time ice skate on it this winter!!

Annnnd one last thing...I added music to the blog page. If it screws up your PC in loadin' my page, please tell me. I'll take it out. I have tried some pages that have certain addons and all it does is fucaaaahhhfreeze up my PC and I don't go back. Email me if it does it to yours. I don't care how cool that song is...I'd rather have the readers.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He Made Me Do It....

I only volunteered mow....and he didn't go for it. So I never offered to help him again.
But one day, he just came in and got me!
"Get your shoes on. And can wear my straw hat."
That sounds like I'll be out a while!!
And I didn't care for his hat...I wore my own!
He gave me a can of prunin' spray and out the door we went! He cut limbs off the red bud trees and I sprayed.

Not too tough.....then it happened.
"Where's the little clippers?" he asked.
"I don't know. The last I saw they were stuck in the ground."

We looked around and he found them and we went back to work.
I was gettin' hot.
I'm a delicate flower and I don't do yardwork. If you don't remember you must click there to read.

And I was pickin' up the spray and I had the saw....I thought we were finished.

I asked, "Do you have the little clippers?"
"You didn't have them awhile ago."
"What do you want?"
"Do you have them?"

"Do you have them?"
"What do you want?"

Here we go again!
I ask a simple question and I have to justify it before the HighCourt of JudgeSurlyBastard!!

I just don't understand it.
I cocked my head to the side and gave him that "I've had enough" look and said quite plain, quite simple, but in a tone that evoke memories of the broken corelle, "Honey. I don't WANT anything. DO YOU HAVE THE CLIPPERS?"

He got the point! "Yes, I have the clippers."

I might have pointed the saw at him...I forget where the saw was. He might have had a vision of it stuck in his head!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Something You Should Know!!

It's my ambition in life to educate the masses in my own unique way....or at least educate the 20 people that read this....but when ThatSurlyBastard pushes all the right buttons on SuperMoodyBitch....2 Corelle plates when taken outta the dishwasher and stacked together....they will shatter into a bazillion pieces!! will cover an area 12x15 in 0.25 seconds! shards be found on appliances and cabinets 3 feet high!!
I thought it best not to test any more dishes and just slammed the dishwasher shut!

All did was ask what he was doing?

And it went all downhill from there!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Pilfered!!

I have rubbed off on Roy. I pilfered Kevin.

"....They don't think they're too smart or desperate
they know that the law always wins.
They've been shot at before;
but they do not ignore,
that death is the wages of sin.

Some day they'll go down together
they'll bury them side by side.
To few it'll be grief,
to the law a relief
but it's death for Bonnie and Clyde."....Bonnie Parker... Just a snippet of her poem, Outlaws.

I am Bonnie to his Clyde!

If you remember Those Theivin' Neighbors took his rock. And he wasn't happy about it!

We found it in the ditch not far from the house.


What a way to treat such valuable thing!!

He just knew it was his!!

He retrieved it!

It's home safe and sound!

And now sittin' in a place of honor! And where he can keep a closer eye on it!
Almost daily, he finds rocks in the ditch across the road on top of the grass....or in the pasture.....something is amiss.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Arte y Pico Award

Miss Thystle Bestowed this loverly award upon me. She is just the best!

I would give her a kidney!

I need a tissue.

Here are the Arte Y Pico Award rules :

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award through creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter of language.
2. Each award should have the name of the author with a link to their blog.
3. Award winners have to post the award with the name and link to the blog of the person who gave them the award.
4. Please include a link to the “Arte Y Pico” blog so that everyone will know where the award came from.

Which is this....THE LINK ...and I hope it works!

These are the loverly people that I wish to award this loverly award....and I hope they feel the same way that I do.

I read alot of blogs...all for different reasons....and have loads of great friends.

These are my "must reads"!!

Man Oh Manny : MzGina....what can I say. She is a skydivin' daredevil extraordinaire that loves cats!

And most importantly, a very good friend!

IT Catholic Mom : ITCM is a Techo Wiz!! I don't know what I would do with her! She tries new things online that turn out to be quite fun and very helpful!! She's Aces in my book!

And my cat, George, reads her blog...

He loves Smokey!! and he's really reading her just can't see that he is becuz life is sometimes not just right for me...and my pix will not load right for this stuff!!

Miz Angie : MizAngie is a real live Texas Aggie! And not afraid to laud that over this Okie! She will tell it like it is and make you laugh. Love. Love. Love her!!

Katy The Bird : MzKaty was a teacher and now she is a full time mom with a super baby with special needs. I am a life long member of TeamCharlie.

Queen Beth : MzBeth works from home and is into just about everything....The Braves....who ever they are? Her kids, NASCAR, Big Brother, and Lord Help us all SHE LOVES SCRAPBOOKING!!

Thank you MzThystle....You're a doll!

And Roy Said...

"You just want to reach up there and let one get on your finger, don't you?"


"Don't do it!"

Damn it!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend Update...

It was HappyHusband's birthday on Saturday. We were told dinner and movie.
I made myself pretty for a night out on the town.
My hair was fixed just perfect for the humidity. I had the cute shoes on with capris and flirty blouse....I was ready for anything!

And my cell phone started playin' Boomer Sooner at was the HappyWife. She was tellin' me what was fixin' ta take place. We were to meet them at the Twist&Shout and we would ride on in to Miami to pick up her bike.
"Meet us at 4:15."

I was ready for anything but that!!
I snapped my phone shut, "ROY!!!!"
He had no idea we were takin' the motorcycle! He had talked to HappyHusband at least twice that day. And not once did HappyHusband tell Roy we were bikin'!!

He had 30 minutes to get that big Hoss of bike out and started...sometimes it's a chore!
I had to change clothes from top to bottom!! Take of the "Cute Night on the Town" clothes for "Tough Biker Clothes"!
Off come the cute shoes for biker boots.
And all that cute hair was tied back.

Then we took Route66 to was a nice ride.
No real destination in mind.
Just a ride.
I think when you go to a certain town you should try the local flavor. Not eat at chain restaurant. Roy and I lived in that area for many years and very familiar with some of the better tried and true eateries.
The HappyHusband wanted Chili's....UGH!!!
Just becuz it's not in Joplin doesn't make it place to eat....Chili's, TGI Friday's, Garfield's or Applebee's are all the same to me. I can't tell the difference.
I turned my nose up at the thought....and it didn't go unnoticed by the HappyHusband! He's not my favorite person...he's just married my bestest friend. I'd give her a kidney!
But as I turned up my nose I suggested Cotton Eye'd Joe''s BBQ and it's good. The HappyHusband turned up his nose.
"Have you ever eaten there?" I inquired. Nobody should turn up their nose if you haven't tried it! Freakin' Idiot!
Of course he hadn't. But becuz life is what it is for me.....the PooPooBird follows me around and drops steamy nuggets on me....Cotton Eye'd Joe's was closed!! On the 4th of July Weekend, when every one is tryin' to have a fabulous time away from work...They're closed!!
We ate at Chili's.
The HappyHusband's steak was overcooked and tough!
Cooked by Teenagers workin' for the summer that don't give 2 shits about medium rare!!
But the best part of the evenin' was Roy's dessert! He had some cheesecake thing served in a shotglass. He seemed to enjoy it.
Every bit of it....right down to the paper wrapper that the Cheesecake came before they stuffed it into that shotglass....Roy put a mouthful of cheesecake into his mouth and chewed around on it for a bit and started to pull out what looked like a condom wrapper.
His dessert was comped!
Again Teens!

Oh Hey! I haven't even gotten to the Movie yet!!

The HappyHusband wanted to see Hancock.

I didn't get it.

I love Will Smith....I want him and Denzel for my Threesome.
Roy can tape it.

But I would have rather spent the $15.50 to see IronMan. I had read a review in the Tulsa World about Hancock. The critic was not sure how well the audience would like the way Hancock spoke to people. It was not the FreshPrince! He was very me pretty much....and Roy.
But Dude!!
Didn't you see Bad Boys??
Same just came outta a nicer dressed man!
And that fast movement of the's like being on the Tilt-a-Whirl!!
And the close-ups....I wasn't for sure it that was a mole on Jason Bateman's face or a zit.

Think DaffyDuck Screamin' it just before he got popped in the face with that huge power puff thingy.
I was so transfixed on the zit that I couldn't really get into their conversations.

Roy said, He's seen worse.....Yep, we were drug to see Vanilla Sky by the HappyHusband!!
And Evan Almighty!!
And that one by Chris Rock...I have no idea how to explain that one...I've tried to drink it from my memory.
It hasn't worked's a process.

It was a nice ride home in the dark...watchin' fireworks all around and lightenin' to the east.
Roy was hit by several large bugs in the hands and I had one hit me in the hurts!!

Good times...Next weekend....Roy's Dad's Birthday!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Day Has Come!!

I was in the bedroom watchin' the news when Roy came in and sat on the bed next to me. He picked up my hand and caressed it.
"Babe, One the baby birds is gone."
He knew I would be upset.
"Babe, there were cats on the ground and I don't think he made it far."
Bigger GASP!!!
I was instantly on my feet!
I would choke that baby bird outta that cat!!!

"Now Baby, don't go out there! There's nothing you can do!"

I had to see for myself if one was missin'! He could be wrong!
He didn't actually see the bird leave the nest.
I opened the blinds and counted....only 4!

Damn Cats!!!

But the first thing I did the next mornin' was get a step stool and a mirror and go out there to take a headcount!!

All 5 were there!!!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Boozin' It...

Yeah, Yeah, I know was poured down the drain.

Nadine's Lemon Gin:

Zest two's not easy. I scrapped my knuckles bunches but I kept tellin' myself it will be worth it!
Put the zest into a 8 oz jar. I actually added the rest of the lemon becuz I thought it was just a waste of fruit. I couldn't figure out how that tiny bit of zest was gonna flavor the gin.
Add Gin....I only used about half a jar of gin...4 can use vodka but like I said I poured it down the drain and I haven't bought any more.
Put the jar of gin and lemon in a cool dry place....I used my fridge! It's not a dry spot but neither is the jar of gin....Anything I'm gonna drink needs to be in the fridge.
Leave it in there for 7-10 days.
While I was making lemon gin, I did the same to a peach using the whole peach...I just sliced it up and added 4 oz of gin that too.....I figured if one flavored gin didn't work out the other would!
After the 7-10 days of waitin' for the lemon to flavor the gin, added 2 cups of sugar to 1 cup of water to a sauce pan and heat until the sugar is dissolved. This makin' a simple syrup. You make it as sweet as you like. I let it cool for about 10 minutes.
In the meantime, I smashed the lemon in the gin and then strained the lemon gin to get out all the pulp and zest thru a tea strainer.
And did the same to the peach gin.
Putting the gins back into their jars, I added the simple syrup, putting half in the lemon and half in the peach. Put the lids back on and put it back in the fridge.
I let it sit in there for about 2 weeks.
And yummy!!!
Well worth the scrapped knuckles!!

Nadine's Hard CherryLemonade:

8oz of Lemon Gin
4oz of Gin
1/2 cup of cherry syrup....I made that too.
1/2 cup of water.
Add all ingredients to a pitcher and add ice!
Nadine's FuzzyNavals:
80z of Peach Gin....or what's left after havin' to sample it a few good!!
4oz of Gin
2oz of Peachtree Schnapp's....becuz after all the samplin''ll need it!
8oz of Orange Juice
Add all ingredients to a pitcher of shaved ice.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Those Freakin' Birds!!

Those damn baby birds are makin' me a nervous wreck!!
They freak out every time you go out the back door. They stand up and spread their wings and to me they look like their gonna fall out!!!


And sometime when I go out there they have their heads hangin' over the edge of the me nuts!!
Then they stand up ....on the edge of the nest!!


I have decided that if they bail outta the nest on their own....that I or Roy didn't have anything to do with was the way it was meant to be. But if I do something that makes them jump out...It will break my heart!!

"Honey, Can we put up a safety net?"

He rolled his eyes, "Woman, you are just nuts!" and walks away!!
But I saw him once poke one of them back into the nest!

And he came in the house to get me to watch them while he mowed the back stop him if they freaked out and tried to jump out!

As we got into bed one night, Roy said, "Did you see that the babies are gettin' feathers?"
Tell me I'm Nuts!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Have Closed Another Chapter!

We sold my motorcycle.
I had fun but it was just sittin' there. After I hurt my back I hadn't ridden it.
I'm just a fender bunnie now.
I held back the tears, but stood in the driveway and listen until I couldn't hear it anymore.