Friday, June 20, 2008

We Have Babies!!

"I'm being controlled by birds!"

"I'm trapped in my house by birds!"

"I'm not goin' out the front door either!"

Things that Roy has exclaimed with great exasperation!

Earlier in the spring, some barn swallows or mud swallows decided my back porch would be a
good place for a nest. There are a lot of bugs that are drawn to the night light so there would be a food source. Two swallows started to make a nest. Little by little they built their nest.

One huge flaw in their plan for a new home.

The OutDoorCats are fed right under the nest!!

Roy decided instead of knockin' down the nest he moved the deep freeze that the cat feeder was on. He took pity on the birds.
I mean really!
What were they thinkin'???
Every time we went the back door....which is the door we primarily use...the birds would fly from the nest.
We tried to sneak out but it didn't work....they were very alert and out they flew. One would think they would get used to use comin' and goin'...but no!

Roy watched them intently and checked the nest every so often for eggs. And one day there were five!!

We were excited!!
Roy watched the parents do the "changin' of the guard". One bird would get up and "count" the eggs and the other bird sat on the edge and then he counted the eggs and then sat on them while the other bird took a break.
"They counted eggs?? "
That's what it looked like to Roy!
And then they hatched......all the excitement has gone!

Now let me tell you a little story....the time Roy tried to save the baby robins from one of the cats.
It was totally innocent.
He saw the cat stalkin' the tree and before he could get to the cat, it was in the tree. Roy had to go into the tree to get the cat and all the baby robins jumped outta the nest!!!!

He felt so bad!!
Baby robins chirpin' for mom!!
Mom chirpin' for the babies!!
The daddy robin was after the cat!!
Roy caught a couple of babies and put them as close to the next as possible but couldn't put them all was a mess.
And the minute he had his back turned the cat came back....despite the robins and mockin'birds being after him.
Roy gave up and hoped that the parent birds could handle the situation if he penned up the cat.
He tried to do the right thing.
So here we have these nekked swallows in a mud next less than 6 feet from the cats and the parents jump and fly every time we go out the back door!!

I can only see gloom and doom comin'!!

And Roy knows it. "I wish I had knock down that nest!"


Beth said...

Oh that will be neat watching them grow and then maybe they will take off and give the cats their space back.

Dawn said...

I love how Roy comes off as rough and gruff sometimes and then other times a big ol' marshmellow....

..good luck to the baby birds.

MizAngie said...

Have you named the baby birds yet?