Friday, June 06, 2008

Sorry Folks...

I haven't felt well.....damn summer colds....or freakin' allergies!

All I know is I feel like shit! One of my ears is not functionin' right.

In the past 2 weeks:
I haven't heard from the pool dude....and I'm sweating!!
I have seen the IndyJones Movie...I expected more.
I've made some changes here there and 'round the internet....Roy quit his job.
Roy quit is job...he'll be in my hair!
And speakin' of Roy...he's been happier than a pig in shit!!
One lap dance and he's totally content!!
What gives??
I wasn't too whoop-dee-fuckin'-do over his!!

I haven't received my stimulus check...and I'm bummed.

And now becuz it's hair day with the MerryWidow....I must force myself into the shower.

Have a great weekend!!

Go it for me!


Miss Thystle said...

He quit his job? You poor thing! Now he's going to want to have a say in things! Like your things! ACK.

Anonymous said...

Quit his job? Never got into Sex in the City, damn my nipples got excited reading about your stripper experience, LOL
have a great weekend,

Vickie said...

If you would have known he was going to be that excited would you have had that done sooner?
Roy quit his job. Get your honey dos ready and he will stay out of your hair.

MizAngie said...

Oh good Lord. Why'd he quit his job? Oh, well. Now he can supervise your every move and tell you how to do things and ask for help on his projects every fifteen minutes. hahahahaa!!!

VENTL8R said...

I wasn't too thrilled with Indy, either. I left feeling empty, ya know?