Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh I Don't Know....You Tell Me...

Roy kept askin' me "What are we doin' here?"

Wednesday evenin' we were invited out to supper with some friends...HappyWife had an old friend from high school visitin' her. We'll call her MzCarolina. And another friend that was actually an old beau from high school....HappyHusband wasn't so thrilled that he had joined in the fun....we'll call him, EXBeau.

Roy and I was the last to arrive at the restaurant becuz.....well just becuz....I don't want to get into that just yet. By the time we got there the other had had a few margaritas...very few. HappyWife is totally looped on 1!
Only 1!
Drinking is not a strength with her. She's so happy!!
The men talked about guns and huntin' while we women chatted about more serious things, children, travel and shoppin' for shoes. I could have sat there until the cows came home....drinkin' cheap margaritas in the A/C!
But No!

When HappyWife called me up and told me that her friend hadn't gone to blah blah blah....I swear to God I had chills go up my spine becuz I just knew we were goin' back to the strip club!
I asked her to repeat what she had said....."MzCarolina hasn't seen the Spooklight! Let's go!"

Well, Hell! Neither had I but I don't want to go......I don't do spooky shit.
I'd rather go back to the strip club for everyone's amusement!
That's what I'm here for..... For Entertainment Purposes Only!!
I think I would like that tattoo'd on the back of my neck!!

So here we are sittin' in the A/C drinkin' cheap margaritas when the HappyWife who is drunk on 1 wants to make everyone go out and stand around in the heat at DarkThirty on a back country road in an effort to see the Spooklight!!

And we do.

Stand out on a back country road in the heat at DarkThirty with a bunch of ThirtySomethings....and MzCarolina says, "Did you see the satanic symbol on the ground? Let's go!"

By the light of her cell phone we ladies go off in search of the satanic symbol....These girls were so funny. HappyWife kept sayin' "I don't like it here. They do devil worshippin' things out here."

"You're the one that drug me out here!"

We just kept walkin' in the dark to look for them! And then she would say it again. I just laughed.

And I heard the most blood curdlin' scream!!

WE all stopped dead!! MzCarolina held up her cell phone as if to guide the satanic people to us. And HappyWife grabbed my arm, "I told you they do devil worshippin' out here!"

I nearly peed my pants!! From laughin' at them....I spook easily but those two were so funny!!

MzCarolina held up her cell phone so I could find something to pee behind after we decided that there wasn't some woman being raped on the devil's alter of was just coyotes!

I had had enough....I didn't see any spooklight and I was thirsty! I screamed that I saw the spooklight and everyone ran to the cars and we left with every intention of goin' to the liquor store for drinks.

That didn't happen!

We managed to make it the Devil's Promenade....where all the pot smokers hang out...down by the river....with the WestNile Mosquitoes!!!!!

But we were the only ones there.....with no drinks. I could have killed for a Dr Pepper!!

EXBeau said "Let's go swimmin'!"

I didn't fall for that one! The last time I went skinny dippin' with a group of people I was in my 20's and things were a whole lot skinnier then!!

I totally believe if a person's got it flaunt it! But at flaunt is stayin' covered!

After what seemed like several hours in the heat without anything to drink and being eaten up by WestNile Mosquitoes....the party broke up as the EXBeau decided he was gonna turn into a pumpkin at midnight!

When we got in the truck, to go home, Roy said, "What are we doin' here?"

"Babysittin'!! We are here to make sure nobody swaps spit with ex-beaus or gets raped by devil worshippers on a dirt road or drowns in the river!"

Don't you agree??


Mannyed said...

Oh just your average chaperone, lol.

MizAngie said...

Making sure they didn't have fun without you?...YES!

Dawn said... kind of sitter.

bigdogmompam said...

Yea, I like that description. Nadine as a chaperone! Priceless!!

Jeankfl said...

I've seen the spooklight lots of times!!! But you need to stay in the car! It won't come if you're wandering around! Only if it's quiet! It's bounced off my car hood.. it's pretty cool. You were just with a bunch of idiots!LOL Using you and Roy as the chaperones?? What were they thinking?LOL