Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Locust Have Moved In!!!

So I have this ear infection...it hurts! I feel like I'm under water. I have locust in my head!!
I have been dealing with it since Thursday.
Friday was Hair Day for the MerryWidow....I told her I didn't feel well and I didn't want to run all over the countryside.
Well she is one of those holistic medicine people. She tried to "cure" me.
It didn't work. Maybe if I "believed"!
But she did manage to have her done, have lunch at the casino....I made $7.90 on a penny machine...so I didn't complain.
She managed to go to Joplin to the bank....that would a 30 mile drive!!
So much for not wantin' to run all over the countryside!!
And our final stop was the candyhouse....I think she finally saw that I was not up to par.
I ask you if you saw a person that sittin' on the floor with her head in her hands, wouldn't you key on that she didn't feel too swooft????
Now I have my moments wear the medicines all come together and I feel a bit better but I'm only good for about 3 hours and then I crash!!
Roy found that out Sunday!! I'll tell you about that later.
His first clue should have been when I slept most of Saturday.
I finally went to the Indian Clinic Monday. I was hopin' for an instant fix. One of those, "Holy Shit! This is the worst ear infection I have ever seen!! We must rush her into surgery to fix it."
But No!
As of Tuesday AM I still have Locust in my head....they have power tools....and stomp around in my head.....and one them has a knife! Every so often I have a stabbin' pain in ear!
The antibiotic they gave is suppose to help with removin' the ringin' but it only pissed off the locust and they started up the power tools...so not only do they sing but they sound like they are buildin' a house to PERMANENTLY LIVE IN MY HEAD!!!
The Kid in the pharmacy said that the antibiotic would cause me to be sensitive to sunlight..."I've got that under control. I'm a delicate flower and I don't go outside!"
Oh and they wanted me to use a nasal spray....I don't have a problem with my nose. It's been as clear as a bell until now!
After the freakin' nasal spray!!
Oh, I questioned that.
I was told it would help....that would a big fat NO!!!!
And I have a cough....I cough as long as I'm bed with Roy. I sleep on the couch I don't cough! Don't connect it to him........... directly!
It's the fans! That HE has to have on!!!!!

And I have had dreams of cruises...almost nightly...so weird right?? Okay not for me but Last night....Me and Mz Thystle.....No. A tale for later.

So in the coming days as I feel good enough to sit here and type I'll tell about shoppin' with Roy and my new shoes.
I'm so obsessed with shoes...I think I would buy them on my death bed!

Me and my locust are goin' back to the couch!

Have a nice day!!


Bird said...

Apparently your upper nose and your ears are attached on the inside--I learned this when they prescribed nasal spray for my ears. I can't remember what it was called, but it smelled terrible.

I have horrible ears--so horrible that i don't even know when I have ear infections any more. I used ot get them all the time and now it's like my body has given up. Ear infection? Sure, but we won't bother hurting. It's very strange.

Hope you feel better soon--those things are extremely painful.

Mannyed said...

Aww, poor Nadine! Sorry you are so uncomfortable! Does tylenol help? You want me to scream in your ear and see if the locust move? hehe, just kididng. Take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest!

Miss Thystle said...

Oh come on tell the story! What did we do? Was I wearing my new BeeHive wig? Was I naked again?

Feel better, lovey!

ZooKeeper said...

Maybe they aren't locusts but Roy's lice!

Hope you get to feeling better soon, being sick sucks...like you didn't know that.

VENTL8R said...

I'm guessing the nasal spray was to shrink the tissue in your nose to help relieve the pressure against your eustatian tubes and help drain the crap out. Afrin? Or a steroid? Sometimes if you use Afrin and the like too much you'll get refractory swelling and it'll take more sprays to control the swelling. It can turn into a nastly little turd swirl.....