Monday, June 30, 2008

I Was Stimulated!!!

I finally got my stimulus check!!!

Roy's doin' Roy things with his part.

I bought a toilet!

It's not that I needed it either.....I just wanted a new one! The one we have is just gross with hard water deposits....and we'll leave it at that!!

So we went to Lowe's to look over the potties. I was very happy with a cheap one!! But do you know that there are toilets that are over $500!!!

What does it do???

Make your shit not stink???

Roy had a specific need...and we'll leave it at that!! So Ididn't get the $99 one....he picked out one that meant his specific need....and a price that I could live with....he put his hand on and heard the music. I didn't hear the music from any toilet!!

It was on the top shelf.

You know The Top Shelf....isn't that what THEY call the GOOD DRINKS?? You might know we get a toilet from The Top Shelf!!

Aisles had to be blocked off....two aisles!!!

The forklift thingy had to be brought in.

The woman put on her safety harness....I swear, it looked like she was ready to bungee into to the Grand Frickin' Canyon!!

So while I waited for her to bring down my new pottie, I sat on one of those $500 ones.

And I thought this will be a cute pix for my blog.....

When I got caught takin' my picture on the pottie!!

I have showered with a stranger on Mexican beach....I did have my clothes on!!

I have had a stripper lick my nipples.....and again clothed....sorta

I have peed on a back country road with yippin' coyotes,devil worshipers, and gigglin' drunk girls....if my nekked ass winds up on youtube....heads will roll!!

I have done many a things that would make a normal person die on the spot from embarrassment....And never give it a thought.

But when I was sittin' on a toilet in Lowe's takin' a picture of my feet and got caught by some stranger...he laughed....and blushed......I blushed with embarrassment!!!

I tried to make light of it...."Well I had to try it on!"


Billie said...

A toilet? Interesting choice. I expect that most people paid down bills or just blew it... as opposed to being practical.

I think we spent our stimulus on our bed. Or was it lawyer bills? Those were the last two outstanding bills that we paid off with our tax return/stimulus payment. I am afraid we were very practical with it.

Miss Thystle said...

I get caught taking screwy pictures all the time I just say "It's for the Internet". So I'm sure half of Phoenix thinks I publish some kinky sex site...

ZooKeeper said...

i want a new toilet too. j says i don't need one but dammit, i want one. i just need someone to help lay my new flooring so i can go buy one and install it right away.

VENTL8R said...

I don't understand the concept of bedays (sp!). What would I want a mini shower for my arse??

Anonymous said...

LOL love the toilet pic :) I can just imagine the look of horror, we spent ours on an A/C plus had to add extra arggg. Sorry to hear you sold your baby, hopefully you'll use the $$ for new shoes he-he. Have a great 4th and TTYL

MizAngie said...

Mmmmm...a new toilet. I want a jet-flush one. You know - flushes hard and flushes fast! They flush with such force and authority. The plain ol' potty I have now just calmly flushes, sometimes has to be plunged, and takes forever to refill. But, alas and alack, they're over $500. And when I think of blowing several hunnerd bucks, so far "toilet" has not entered my mind.

Bird said...

I totally want new toliets. Both of mine have a ring that can't be gotten rid of. The Hub thinks I'm nuts, but hello? I have to sit on that thing several times a day, every day. I'll just put it on the list with the 900 other things I want to do around the house.

Redneck Diva said...

I've been caught taking ridiculous pictures before, too. I just smile, shrug and say, "I blog." Those who know what a blog is will nod and smile. Those who don't scuttle away fast because they're not sure if it's contagious!

When we're in strange situations now at least one of the kids will offer to get my camera because they know I'm probably going to blog it in some way!