Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hail!! Hail!! The Storm Is Here!!!

All spring long we have missed out....rat finks....on the damagin' storms. So as we heard there was a SEVERE Thunderstorm in our town....not just our county but OUR TOWN. We had to go out and see it.

WE were stumped!
There was no 70mph winds and no hail! The rain was coming straight down....gentle rain. The kind that you fall asleep with....so calmin' it was.
Then little by little hail started to fall....little bits here and there.....and the a gentle breeze started to blow.
We checked with the TV for a report on the so-called Severe Thunderstorm. We were advised to "take cover immediately!!!"

But No!
We watch the gentle rain from our from porch.

Suddenly the wind picked up and all the hail from the heavens fell upon my garden....yard...trees....flowers....shreddin' everything!!!!!!

Take Cover??
No way!! I had to video tape it!!
The rain came so hard in 45 minutes that it created a river in the front yard....and down the ditch....and covered the road.
We watched a 4x4Truck go thru it and then a Jeep....well we had to do that!!

Let's just say that was one the dumbest things we have ever done!!!

The pickup still coughs a bit!!

Oh what great fun!!

If I'm lucky I might get tomatoes from my garden!!


Miss Thystle said...

you goof ball! YOu're supposed to come IN, OUT of the rain, not go OUT INTO the rain! You're as bad as us desert-dwellers!

Vickie said...

I'm with you. I want to see what is happening out there.( as long as it is not tooo bad.) I wish you luck with your tomatoes. There is nothing that compares with home grown tomatoes. Fry a green one for me.