Thursday, June 05, 2008

And I cried!!

There are spoilers....stop now if you haven't seen "Sex and The City" movie.
Roy and I went to see it on Saturday. He's my best "ChickFriend". He followed the show with me and liked just as much I did. None of my actual gal pals watched the show.
We were 2 of 18 people in the theater. Roy was 1 of 5 men....I love my life in a small town!! We went early becuz we wanted to be sure we got in and had the right problem!!

Every review I have read said the movie was lackin' something. That the story didn't transfer to the big screen.
Are audiences different from TV to Movies???
I'm not!
I love this movie. Roy thought is was great. We loved the show!! This was a perfect way to complete it!
Roy was so pissed that Big didn't get outta the car!! Every other man woulda got outta the car!
All I could think was "Don't be a dick, Big! Just man up and go."
Hell it wasn't about him!
A wedding never's a woman's day to shine in all her glory. All the man has to do is show up!
Big crushed that! That was unforgivable...I would not have done it!!
The tears rolled when Carrie beat him with the heartbroke for her.
And Samatha feedin' her....I just cried!!

I try not to go to movies that I know I will cry....messes up my makeup and I have red eyes. Funny thing, My "ChickFriend" knows me well enough that he brought me napkins for "when I got moist."

I was dissappointed in Samantha though....she broke up with Smith....and I cried! Her first real relationship and she leaves him. Roy said "At she didn't cheat on him with the neighbor guy."
And Charlotte worried about losin' her baby....and I cried!

Big sent emails and phone messages....what happened to actually goin' to see her in person??
Is that what the world has come to...emails and texts??? So sad.
At least Steve tried!! You gotta give ol OneBall a pat on the back for that!!
I was not totally "in love" with Jennifer Hudson. Maybe she was better in "Dreamgirls"?? She did get an award for it. But she just didn't do it for me.

So what was your take??


ZooKeeper said...

I didn't see it...probably never will. I didn't watch the show. I've never seen an episode of desperate housewives either. But if they make a CSI (Las Vegas)movie, I'm there! I heart Grissom.

Bird said...

I loved it too. Someone said that it was always about the friendships and I loved that the movie kept true to that.

I felt like Carrie and Miranda got better storylines than Charlotte and Samantha. Well, Samantha's ending with the cake was pretty great, but they didn't really give Charlotte much to work with.

MizAngie said...

Hadn't planned on seein' it but you make it sound kinda good. Never got into the tv series. Didn't have HBO or Showtime - wherever it was.

What am I waiting for? GET SMART with Steve Carrell!!

Kfarm said...

I am going to see it tonight!

Dawn said...

I loved the movie...I haven't laughed and cried so much in one movie in a very long time. I actually sobbed during the "flower beating" scene....and when Charlotte yelled at Big and held Carrie....I get misty just thinking of it again....I didn't think it was lacking...I own the whole series on DVD and watch it while I clean...I thought it was a perfect addition to the series...critics never like what I do.