Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hail and Frogs....

After the hailstorm, I sent Roy out to get what was left of the green beans while I cooked supper. He came in with a small bowl full of beans.

I could have cried!

I had been pickin' about 2 pounds of beans before the storm.

It was just heartbreakin' to look at that small bowl of beans.

A few hours later, I went out to look over the rest of the garden, and I noticed there were still green beans on the plants.

What the Hell??

"Honey!!! I told you to get all the beans that were left!!!"

He said he had only went half way down one row. I normally went down the middle, pickin' from each row!!

He is no longer in charge of the beans!!

I don't do watermelons, okra, and corn and he doesn't do tomatoes, peppers, and beans!!

And the fun around here is just non-stop....

Roy came runnin' in the house, "Get your shoes on!"

"Get your Camera!"

"And get your glasses!"

Roy was excited!!

"I think I found an alien!"

E.T. Phone Home!!
Let's just this thing hid under the seat of his motorcycle and "it croaked"!!!


Vickie said...

Wow Nadine,
I get away from my computer for a little while and your just having all kinds of fun.
Glad to hear your garden is mostly surviving. I just love fresh veggies. Tomatoes are my favorite.
Hopefully Mother Nature will coorprate for the rest of the season.

Bird said...

I've been ingnoring my garden. There are tomatoes out there, but the heat is making me crazy. I am not re-adjusting to the humidity very well.

Sherrie said...

Are you sure it wasn't his bum making funny noises? That can happy yanno!

Beth said...

What in the hell is that a pic of ???

Diane said...

Hmmmm....Looks to me like a squished-up frog that still croaks after he croaks...LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!
I crack me up!!
Sorry it's been so long since I've been over to see ya. I'm a bad, bad girl.
I'm gonna go now and find someone to spank me...teehee!
Love and Hugs,

Miss Thystle said...

eeewww. Didn't the dead frog stink as it was flattening into a frog-skin? (Said the city girl)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadine, you should pick a bushel of one has any on the East coast...people been callin me for three got any beans? No, I wish I did though I could make a buck or two. Keep pickin!! PMPM