Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Troubles the WigWam Destroyer...Part 2

Let me take you back to 2002.... so Roy has this $2500 shed he stores his motorcycles's rainin'.....there's a week old kitten under it...and I wanted it!!

Roy stopped followin' the momma cat. He thought maybe he was makin' her nervous....that she would just go get it. He wasn't all together sure it was under the WigWam but odds were good. The momma cat would go over there and look but she wouldn't go under and get it....dumb cat!

By the time I had come home from work, he had been on the kitten hunt for 3 hours. He is dedicated to hunting....whether it be a big buck or a week old kitten...he would wait it out.

But I am not a hunter and I don't work that way!!
It was rainin''s's a baby!!!
I do not have the patience that is needed to's a baby.....just get it!

We both were on the ground lookin' under the shed and tryin' to reach it but I'll be damned if it wasn't smack dab in the center....too far for Roy to reach .....there was no way I could reach it. He suggested we use something to push it out.

It's a baby!!! He could have injured it!!!
Push that baby around in the mud! It's's a baby!!
I put my foot down on that!

We walked around while he was thinkin' about how to get that kitten....and shut me up.

I argued...bitched my case.....I appealed to his vanity.....I would save the tears as a last resort....but what if it dies?

"It will stink up your building!! And stink up your Bike!!"

He pulled the motorcycles had stopped rainin'.

He got his circular saw and cut a hole in the floor of his very well built motorcycle shed...he was so proud of that shed!

He reached in and picked up the teeny weiniest....itsy fit in the palm of your hand....didn't even have it's eyes open.....little kitten.

And he said, "You sure are a lot of Trouble!" I'm not sure if he meant me or the kitten!!
Troubles the WigWam Destroyer....2008.


ZooKeeper said...

We had to do something similar when Ashes got stuck in the subfloor under the tub. Cats ARE trouble!

Oh, and TAG!!

Bird said...

I love this story! Trouble is the perfect name.

Mannyed said...

*applauding* what a great story!! It makes me all warm and fuzzy!

MizAngie said...

Oh GYA. I thought you were fixin' to tell us Roy sawed the kitten in half! yech! I'm so glad it turned out to be a HAPPY story!! (Prolly not as happy as Troubles is!)