Saturday, May 17, 2008

Troubles, The WigWam Destroyer...

Once Upon A Time.....
Roy wanted a motorcycle when he retired. But before he bought a bike he wanted a shed to keep it in. We have talked about building a garage for years but never have bitten the bullet and done it. He dug out a spot for a garage....level a section of the yard...means diggin'!

We looked at sheds at Lowe's and Home Depot, leavin' him unimpressed. "They're shit!" He knew he could build one so much better than that! He quoted me $1500 or less. I gave him the green light!

$2500 later the HarleyBarn was built! "There were some cost over runs!"

So everytime I spend more for purses and shoes than I thought I would, I tell him, "there were cost over runs!" He just grins and shuts up!

I have to admit it is a great building! He did a really good job. He was very proud of the work he did.

The hunt for the motorcycle started and ended with purchase of an Indian so the HarleyBarn was renamed the WigWam. And stayed the WigWam, even when he bought me a Harley....and allowed me to park my bike in there....well, he put it in there and locked it in....and I have no idea where the key is hidden.

It's for the best.

While Roy does Roy things... I do my own thing. I would bring cats home from work and they would stay for about 3 weeks or less and then go live with the neighbors...... They were spayed or neutered so I didn't overpopulate the countryside. But I wanted cats so I brought home an unspayed cat and she became pregnant. She stayed on the backporch most of the time. I knew that her kittens would know this as their home and would not leave like all of the other cats had.

Roy decided he wanted to go to Sturgis...ride our bikes to South small feat!!
I made arrangements for someone to feed the cats and dogs and we loaded up and headed out!
While we were gone, the momma cat had her kittens. We didn't really know where but it was obivious that she had.

One day while I was at work, Roy called to say he saw the momma cat carrying a baby in the backyard.
"Well, go get them and put them on the backporch so that we can handle them and they won't be wild!" He began to follow her around until he had all but one. He knew there was another one. When it started raining, she got nervous and took it back to where she had kept the litter.....UNDER THE WIGWAM!!


MizAngie said...

Where else would she put her papoose but in the WigWam???

Proto said...

It was dry!

Bird said...

Great story! I love cats. I'm not so crazy about litter boxes, though. So, I only have one. I can't let mine run free because we live on a busy street.

Miss Thystle said...

That makes your WigWam a Cat House!

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing