Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Tough Questions In Life...

I overheard this conversation while out shoppin' one day.
A mother with her to boy...7 ....and her daughter...8 or 9 were walkin' thru Walmart in a quickstep....Like mom was in a hurry on her lunch break....but I kept up with her.
One of kids....I'm not sure wish one ...becuz at that age....I can't tell boy voices from girl voices.....asked, "Mom, I thought Brad Pitt and Angelina were married?"
And I'm thinkin' to myself, "This should be good!"
She has the opportunity to tell her children about the right and wrongs of havin' children outta wedlock!
Of celebrity marriages!!
Of bad tabloids stories!!
OH!!! MY!!!! GOD!!!
This is gonna be good!!!!
And at the same time I was thinkin' to myself, "Why did she get to answer the easy one?"
So not fair!!!
I always had to tackle the tough ones!!

My oldest daughter, EdithAnne ..... I think she was 8 at the time.....came to me with her very serious face on and in her "I'm about to break your heart" voice, announced, "Mom. Elvis is alive."
I bit my lip. It's bad motherin' to laugh in the "I'm about to break your heart" face!
Stop laughin'!!!
She was dead serious. She knew I firmly believed that Elvis was dead. She did everything but take my hand and caress it to her cheek....she's the drama queen....and I don't know where she got it from???
I still have all mine!
I knew exactly what she was talkin' about becuz I had seen her lookin' at the magazine at the checkout stand in the local market earlier in the week.
So we sat down and had a "heart to heart" chat. I told her that Elvis didn't live on an island with Marlyn Monroe and JFK or Jimmy Hoffa....then I had to explain who Jimmy Hoffa was. That all those people are indeed dead....even Hoffa. I had to explain that the BatBoy didn't really exist. That those magazines were like adult comics books for entertainment and they just made up the stories.
"You can't always believe everything in the paper as the truth."
But let's not get me started on that lesson!
EdithAnne seemed to accept that as a valid answer.

But this mother gets an easy one!!
Not like the mother that ignored her sons pleas for an answer as to what boy high heels are you know I get googled for that??
Apparently, there are others that are perplexed by boy high heels!
Go figure!!
But this mom, gets to pass on her wisdom to her babies that could change their lives....instill a good moral code. And she said, "They were married in another country and it's not legal here."

And there you have it!
Not the way I would have gone with that. I thought ignorance was a skill that only dads possessed.

Happy Mother's Day!


Jeankfl said...

Wow.. what a missed opportunity!! Sounds like a dad's answer, doesn't it?
Hey! Hope you all are still in one piece, unlike Picher!! Sounds like it's bad up there. We went to Miami today.. little wind stuff, but nothing outstanding along main st.
Happy Mother's Day!

Mannyed said...

That's actually not a bad answer to the Angie question...

Happy Mom's Day!

Bird said...

I have a friend who's parents actually got married because mom get pregnant. They would completely lie to their children and say that people were "divorced" when they had kids out of wedlock. I thought that was so hypocritical. Some people just don't handle things the way you would.

Miss Thystle said...

Half the fun of kids is telling them all kinds of crazy stuff that's completely not true. Not stuff like married out of country...but stuff like black and white pictures are because the world used to be black and white.

bethgill said...

Every time i hear about the tornados your way i can just hear Jim Cantore telling you to "Hunker Down" glad it was in your town. The tornados here a town west of us and was aweful .

ZooKeeper said...

Sadly, I would have gave the same answer. I'm a bad mommy. Thanks for the birthday email. It was much appreciated.

MizAngie said...

The world WASN'T black & white? Oh. My family used to tell me all kinds of crap. I was Gullible Gussie!!! I don't think the stuff they lied about would have had an effect on my moral development, though. Except to think my family is a buncha liars. Ha!!!

Beth said...

Yep she is the baby but she isnt going anywhere any too soon. The college campus is 30 minutes from here so she will live at home and commute each day, so i will have her another 4 years and her brother is also going to be here for the next two years while he is in college so no empty nest for awhile , then i have no idea what i will do when the house is too quiet to stand. A pet monkey would be great !!!

Cindy R said...

I'm glad those days are over for me! I tried to tell the truth when I could,but sometimes you do have to tip toe around something until they are older.
WHAT???? Elvis is dead?? I could have sworn I saw him down at the Tasty Freeze the other day slurping down a RootBeer Float!Huh...guess it wasn't so...