Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top 3 Reasons To Use Blogger...

There are plenty of reasons to blog here at BlogSpot....and not MSN!!!


1) You can use your photos so much easier!!

I had such trouble with MSN and tryin' to integrate my own photos into the blog....others did it. But I didn't hold my mouth right or somethin'. Here, it's so simple. That's what I need...step by step instructions!! He's upset with me...can you tell?

2) You can have your comments on any blog entry emailed to yourself!!!!

This I love!!!!!!! How many times have you tripped over a comment on an old blog entry? I felt like I might have hurt someone's feelings becuz I may have snubbed them all becuz the comment was lost. Now you can put your comments on any of my blog entries and I know it!!! I virtually do not have to ever open up my own blog!

Though every once in a while I's so purty!!

3) I can personalize my blogpage!!

And I's so's so purty!!!

And it was so easy!!!!!

No, that's not my heiney!!

So those that still use MSN....come away from the DarkSide. It's so easy.


Mannyed said...

verrry temmmpted...

Sherrie said...

.....been thinkin' about it, just might do that one day

MizAngie said...

Get thee behind me, Satan!!!

Billie said...

And some of us are so very lazy!

Bird said...

It is good here on the dark side. I just love it! It's easier to make new blog friends because anyone can leave a comment (if you want). You have your commments e-mailed to you? Genius. I might have to try that.