Thursday, May 29, 2008

Those Thievin' Neighbors!!!

They have struck again!!
First my lawn furniture!!!
And then Here.
Oh Those Thievin' Bastards!!!
Is There No Justice??!!!
We bought this house in the country in 1995. It's on top of a hill. Our front yard slopes and Roy decided to level it in 1999.
You can't really tell just how much from this pix but you will.
To level it up takes a lot of dirt, rocks and hard back breakin' work. We had some rocks. Roy had dug up all the ones in the yard that were a hazzard to the mower....that I...when I mowed...back then I did....would run over. So we had a huge pile of rocks but not enough to build up the front yard.
Roy scoured the ditches for's in the's free.
He came home with HUGE rocks ....truck load after truck load.
He slowly raised the yard. I have no idea just how high it is...he's told me but I've forgotten.
We had to buy dirt. LOTS OF DIRT!!
He would park his car out on the "build site" to draw attention from the show off his work.

And as always he did a good job. I have never seen a man work so hard at diggin' rocks.
He had it just where I wanted it. I have a problem with buying dirt...that shits expensive!! Then he decided he wanted to go 3 feet higher. That meant we had to move a tree.
And more rock huntin' and more dirt buyin'!
I had planted flowers in the edge of the rocks and when he went higher he left me enough room to continue to plant flowers and vining plants. He has planted redbud trees across the top of the ridge. It has turned out quite nice.
We are pleased.

The moved tree is growin' strong.
This last spring he was cleaning out the ditches in the West Fence line when he saw a rock pokin' outta the ground. He dug it up and left by the highline pole. It was pretty good sized. He was gonna move it up to the yard but just hasn't done it yet.
A week or so ago I saw two men scourin' the ditches and pickin' up rocks. I watched them for a bit from my car...they never saw me.
How can you miss a Bright Red Car sittin' in the middle of the road?? They were intent in their search for rocks.
I mentioned it to Roy. He wasn't really concerned as they were takin' the rocks from the South Ditch....he didn't need those.
But Those Thievin' Neighbors Took His Rock!!!! It was huge!
And on a steep ditch! But it was his and he wanted it!!
He started to worry about our front yard. Did they take any from there? He went out to look but couldn't tell if they had....he double checked again this am!!
I told Roy we needed to bait them!! Set out one he didn't want and wait....he's still mullin' that over!
Those Thievin' Bastards!!
He didn't like it so well when it happened to him!!
But my lawn furniture....That seems to be okay for them to steal!!
That's his story and he's stickin' to it!!


VENTL8R said...

I checked out her site and I'm SO not into French Country. *gack*

Bird said...

Your house is so cute!!!!

I love the idea of people stealing rocks--I had no idea that anyone would ever want a rock--much less a big one.

MizAngie said...

Your place is AWESOME! I sure would keep an eye on my rocks. That's unbelievable that they steal shit right outta yer yard.

What kind of pool are you puttin' in? In-ground or above-ground? When can I schedule my vacation there? Ha!!

Proto said...


ZooKeeper said...

I have a pile of rocks under my hawthorn tree they can have!

Vickie said...

Ahhh Nadine,
That is one of things I miss about living in Oklahoma. The rocks. Houston is so flat. Any big rocks here just sink. Your rock wall is beautiful.