Monday, May 19, 2008

This Must Be Muckin' Fonday?!?

Becuz I just can't seem to get my brain goin' I got nothin'!

I can bitch about the price of gas.....apparently that doesn't do any good. I put $50 buck in my car the other day.....I never thought I would ever do that. The only good thing about it was the hot clerk! He was sooo cute and took my money with a smile.

I can bitch about my weekend but I got that all outta my system yesterday....all over Roy. It was actually a pretty good weekend but it was the little things that piss me off....all things that are so supposed to be hand made crafts from America were imported from China.
Or This....One man makin' hats wanted $45 for an unattractive hat....but the cutest red leather fringe coat only $20...made in China!!!!!! What the hell is that all about?????
I didn't buy either. It was a matter of principals....that I don't feel like 'splainin'!

I am gonna bitch about that commercial about sendin' my old gold to someone for cash.....what idiot in their right mind would do that???
Can you not see that that is a scam???
But you know what....if you are dumb enough to send your valuables in the mail to someone you don't know for cash and YOU never get the deserve to be scammed!!!
Take it to the pawn shop.
Sell it in a garage sale.
But do not send it in the mail to someone you don't know!!!!

Vlad the Diet Barbarian is back.....crackin' his whip.
Yesterday, he said, "Either eat the cookies or I'm throwin' them out!"
That bastard....Forced cookies down my throat!!!
"You'll thank me later!" he said.

Do you think he was talkin' about eatin' the cookies or crackin' the whip on my fat ass??

Nope, I got nothin'!


ZooKeeper said...

I hope today is better for you!

Mannyed said...

I'll so have the Diet Nazi over my house if he will shove cookies down my throat, lol!

MizAngie said...

All I have to do to summon Food Satan is mention the words "diet" or "eating healthy" or "cutting back." It's amazing. As soon as I do that I get no less than 6 invitations to lunch or parties. Eat like a pig and I never get invited anywhere. Weird.

Sherrie said...

Maybe that's what I need "The Diet Nazi"......

Hope you had a great weekend ~hugs~

Bird said...

Vlad is showing up at my house too! Unfortunately, I'm him. I was rationing my Husband's cookies and everything. This new life in Nawlins is cramping my waistline if you know what I mean.

Beth said...

Thank goodness i dont drive to work or i would be bitchen like the rest of the people in this house, actually i dont even have a car to put gas in, the kid claimed it , i think i drove the car about 5 times since i bought it last fall, not good. Guess i wont be owning that anymore LOL. Have a great day today

Anonymous said...

$3.91 a gallon and my SUZ is loving it arggg. cookies/milk sounds so good right now. Hope you have a great week, I'm heading to Vegas over the weekend, hope I win BIG!!!!