Friday, May 02, 2008

Outta Sorts...

I haven't been feelin' too swooft....or swift...depends on what part of the country you're in....whatever...I've been lurkin' a lot of sites.

I was tryin' the other day to take of photo of my updo...for the BeeHive Ladies....when I noticed this....
Okay, I bore the shit outta the cat...What am I doin' to others??

Most of yesterday, I laid on the couch under a big yellar cat. Roy called and scared the shit outta both of us!!
I can't figure what all the fuss is about when it comes to exercisin'. I have heard....I don't know first hand....that there is supposed to be endorphins released during exercisin' that make a person feel good. And the person feels so good that they become addicted to exercisin'.
I must be broken or I do not have that endorphin all together.
Or the one that makes me gamble.
Or the one that makes me drink.
When I was in the lovin' care of Dr Jose Cuervo, I felt like a million!! An occasional drink just doesn't cut it!
Or red wine...that is just gross!!
But I wonder what my addiction is?
A friend of mine sent me an email with an attachment "How Much is Your Bail?" where you add up "fine" for all your indiscretions. And as I'm no whiz at puttin' things in my blog like that so I can't share it with you. I'll work on it.
Anyway, she sent it to me without her score....she does that to see mine first. It backfired on her once and she's not "revealed" first since.
As teens, I was the "wild one" and she was more prude. As life would have it, she went one way in her life and I went another so we lost touch for about 15 years. And thanks to the internet, we found each other and we are still passin' notes back and forth like in high school. So the subject came up about what our "number" know the "number".....the number of people you have had sexual encounters with....that number!
I told her that she should go first ...her thinkin' my number would be off the chart........I would not give up my TrashyHoCrown&Sash freely. I had earned it.
And so she told me her number.....I was floored!!!!
Let's just say, she got over that prudeness!!
I handed her my Crown&Sash...I was not worthy!
So she sends me this email and attachment......I scored over $800!! The highest of the 4 women that answered it!!
I want my TrashyHoCrown&Sash back!!
I wonder if my addiction is sexual in nature??
Have a great weekend....I'm goin' back to the couch!


MizAngie said...

You're crazy. Don't EVER give away a crown no matter what it's for.

There must be something in the air - I've talked to so many women lately who don't feel so swooft. Hmm.


Bird said...

Yeah, can't give away your crown.

I found this blog, and I don't know this person, but I thought you might like it:

Proto said...

13 - and there it stays

Dawn said...

hmmm...I agree with MizAngie..on both....NEVER give away a crown...and there are quite a few women around my area feeling less then swooft.

MizAngie said...

Several days later...

Are you still feelin' non-swooft? What's up with you?

Please don't hold out on me with the cold-blooded hugs! Ha!! You ol' heifer!!! I want hugs of allll kinds but especially full-frontal naked hugs from nasty men. Hahahhaha!!!!