Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Hunt for Golf Clubs....

The Life of a Hoarder....
Roy came home yesterday all excited about some game he and boys played with a home-made bat and some golf of course he wanted to take his clubs today.
And he looked everywhere he could think they might be....that I suggested.....and he never found them.
They are just some clubs I bought at a garage sale as a joke......he bought a bucket of golf balls...a 5 gallon bucket of balls...... for no good reason so I bought him some old clubs for the hell of it. I have no idea what "number" they are or the difference between a driver or a chippin' wedge. He can tell me until he's blue in the face but I don't get it....or care....the fate of my world doesn't depend on it. He can knock them off the hill into the neighbor's not so much.
I didn't feel good yesterday or I would have helped in the search so I just gave suggestions from the couch.
But today, I feel like a million! I started my search in that building. We call it the fish's flooded......with spring water.... and 6 fish live in it.
What is behind the door?
I now know where all that stuff I don't want in the house is put for safe keeping....And stuff that needs to be burned!! I managed to get myself up in that mess...sorta. I stood on the edge in the doorway. I have been told NOT TO GO IN THERE!!!

The floor of this building is very could fall thru at any moment.....for the last 13 years!! It was clean a couple of times and then things get put out there.....but I didn't see golf clubs.
My poppa san chair....Roy hates it! He told me, "I don't want the neighbors to steal it. Or blow away in next storm."
My lamp he tried to rewire....granted there was nothing wrong with it before he "attempted" to rewire it.
All the cat litter boxes that have served a good job but are too small....and need to be thrown away.
All kinds of empty boxes.
All kinds of boxes filled with small bit of junk that I have no idea what the purpose was.
All kinds of coolers....why do we have so many?? We hardly ever use them!
There are 4 bed frames and one complete kitchen table day I'll drag it out and recover it! Bedframes...I don't know.
I just know the golf clubs in there!


Mannyed said...

Can you say garage sale?! You could probably make enough for another vacation!!

MizAngie said...

Didn't I see y'all on 20/20?


How did you get a picture of my closet???

Billie said...

There is a 10 step program for this.

Ok... maybe not. But as a prior horder I can guarantee you that there is hope. I am much much better at not hording stuff.

When I buy something I try to ask myself if this is a 'laying around thing'. ie. not useful. If it is a 'laying around thing', I usually don't buy it. That one question has really decreased the number of things coming into the house.