Monday, May 26, 2008

DrPhil Ripped Us A New One!!!

One night durin' supper...
"Honey, We were on DrPhil today."
Roy looked up from cuttin' his steak and said,"Splain that one, Lucy."
"Well it would seem that this woman was being neglected by her husband and she started an affair with another man. They fell in love. They both were gettin' divorces and her husband was upset becuz he didn't realize that she was unhappy and was shocked that she wanted a divorce. I mean...Come On! He was neglectin' her how could he know?"
I paused to let that soak in.
"Doesn't that sound really familiar to you?"
He nodded his head, "So how did we fair?"
"DrPhil ripped us a new one! He said we had disrespected our spouses and our marriages even if there wasn't anything left in those marriages. That we had acted irresponsible by starting our relationship before fully ending our first one. That our marriage wouldn't last becuz our relationship was based on selfishness."
Roy just grinned.
DrPhil....You can kiss my lily white ass!!!

14 years and still goin' strong!!


VENTL8R said...

Nadine!! I have a new home! Come see!! I'm still unpacking but you can still walk around without tripping over too many boxes!

big dog mom pam said...

Oh, dear, then Dr. Phil would rip me and Hubby one too. But after 24 years of marriage, I think we beat the statistics . . . and I agree about what Dr. Phil can do.

Beth said...

LMAO now that was funny !!!
I use to love watching his show but he is slowly becoming like all the other talk shows.
Well , graduation weekend has ended and now i can rest, boy do i need it, you will have to come check out the pics of PPA and i doing our Kegstands lol it was actually quite funny and we just had to show up the kids ya know LOL

Mannyed said...

I think Dr. Phil may be losing his touch. Mwahahah.

Anonymous said...

que es que se, 'neglect?'

Becca said...


I met my husband just after I left my abusive ex husband. I hadn't even begun divorce proceedings, but this wonderful man that I now have been married to for almost 8 years, walked with me through it all, holding my hand and my heart, even through the toughest times, without wavering.

Dr. Phil can be so clueless.