Thursday, May 22, 2008

4Play....I've Been Tagged!!

The ZooKeeper tagged's a toughy!!
It's deep....I'm so shallow!!!

Hold on Baby Jesus...It's gonna get bumpy!!

What are four jobs you've had?
1. Hardee DriveThru Bitch...I don't care if you didn't get your full order. I didn't sack it! Talk to the hand!
2. Dishwasher at the my DaiseyDukes and all! And I bussed tables!! Woo hoo!!
3. Convenience Store Clerk ....that wives hated and husbands looooooved!! Short skirts rock!!
4. VetTech at Critters and Hooters Clinic,..."Yeah, Hello Charlotte, Can you wash my dog?" I have no idea who Charlotte is or how they got that outta what I said!!

What are four ways you know you are living your life's purpose? ....Purpose??
OR What have you accomplished that five years ago looked impossible? ...accomplishments??
I choose "Purposes"
1. I have lots of shoes....I was meant to own shoes.
2. I have lots of purses....And meant to own purses.
3. I have happy children...And it takes every ounce of my being not to meddle in that happiness.
4. Roy is one happy man.....despite his tough talk and keeps people from meddlin' in our life!!

What are four things you do to take really good care of yourself?
Oh God!!! And I'll try not to lie.
1. Bitchin' about's get all the negativity out of my system so it doesn't fester.
2. Walking...I made a promise to walk a mile a day....and I figure if I do 3 in one day I can take 3 days off...right???
3. I buy the best smellin' shampoo...Hello Sugar from Bath and smells like Lemon Sugar Cookies.....becuz I'm all about the hair....smellin' good.
4. Puttin' in a swimmin' I can swim for my health.
Okay that was a big fat lie...I just float..... Click's well worth it!

What are four events that have most formed how you live your life today?
1. The death of my father when he was only safety net was gone...and I have really needed him.
2. My divorce from EarlLee.....LazyAssBastard.
3. My marriage to Roy.....Best thing ever!!!!
4. The DarkYears.....and we don't talk about that.

What are four things you do to keep your motivation up to work out and eat healthy? Motivation???
OR What are four other careers you considered?
I chose careers.....I don't do motivation!
1. Veterinarian...I got close as a VetTech....I do not want to ever be a Vet!!! Never!! EVER!!
2. CPA....EarlLee took that one and shit all over it and it was ruined...never to be wanted again.
3. Bar Owner....but Roy said I would drink the profits probably not gonna try that.
4. HouseWife and Mother....did that...not too crazy about either.

Name four people who have been the most influential in motivating you to change your life? I don't do Motivation.
OR What are four things you haven't blogged about but want to?
Geez?? I figured I've done it all.....but....

1. The DarkYears....very few people would I will never do it.
2. Roy's kids.... we don't see them enough.
3. My grandkids....we don't see them enough either.
4. I have sat here for about 10 minutes tryin' to think of something else...I got up and went to go pee....hopin' something would come to me....I've covered a small amount of politics....TV, Movies, books, music, gas prices, pets, vibrators and sex, football, fashion.....what's left??

What are your top reasons for staying off refined sugar and white flour? What the hell kinda question is that???
OR What are four foods you will NOT eat? I got this one!!
1. Innards....offal....there is a reason you leave that stuff in the trash when the animal is tastes like shit!!!
2. Asparagus....that make some nasty smellin' urine!!!
3. Lamb....unless it's the Lamb that the Outback grills up....that is just scrum-T-lious!!!
4. Duck....It has been such a long time since I ate any duck...both wild and tame... that I can't remember what it tastes like but I will not do it!!! Once was enough!!!

List four reasons that you blog.
1.'s the best way to keep from drivin' Roy crazy!!
2. To tell stories....they are true tales....I have not misspoke. I have never unassed a plane under the cover of sniper fire...yet!!
3. Roy and I have interesting conversations that I need to share with someone...most of my blogs stem from those conversations.
4. To have my memoirs in "Print"....and when they do the movie....Zelleweger is gonna play me...."Nadine Hightower's Diary"...she put on a few pounds to do "Bridget Jones", she'll do it for me!!
Roy will have to be played by SamElliot...or BruceWillis...but Willis will have to buff up!!

And now I'm suppose to tag others but I think it would more fun for you to add who you think should play you in the movie of your life.


ZooKeeper said...

Sandra Bullock would play me. J hates her but I find her endearing. While watching "Miss Congeniality" my ex, the dick, said she reminded him of me. I was flattered but he's still a dick.

Bird said...

A young me--Amanda Bynes cuz she's one of the few people in Hollywood who can act goofy.

Regular me--Tina Fey, but mostly just because everyone says we look alike.

Miss Thystle said...

If I could pick ANYONE it would be Maureen O'Hara, but since she's dead I guess I'll settle for that red headed girl from that tv show "Less Than Perfect" I think her name is Sarah Rue? Something like that.

MizAngie said...

Sophia Loren. Oh, yeahhhhh. No? Okay,then - shit. Cathy Bates.

Sherrie said...

Well let's see.........I guess since both Marilyn and Mae are dead I'm gonna have to think of some other sex kitten!!! Decisions, decisions!

big dog mom pam said...

Oooh, Sam Elliott. I love Sam Elliott. Who would play me? Merle Streep probably. She could get the southern Ohio twang just right.