Thursday, April 03, 2008

What Spring Rains Bring....

Ooooh the beauty of Spring.

Roy and I spent Monday cooped up in the house becuz of thunderstorms and the threat of tornadoes.

No Tornadoes but lots of rain!

I was standin' at the front door watchin' the rain and listenin' to the news tellin' me that there was a tornado on the ground 10 miles away....News that didn't come from Tulsa....And that bothers me!!
Out here in the boonies, we apparently don't count.
After the storms pass the great metropolis of Tulsa, the great mecca of Doppler radars and Viper...and I don't know what that is.....but it sounds really cool....the weather people don't care! We, out here in the boonies are on our own....or that stupid news station from Joplin....I'd rather fin for myself. They are not very professional and do not have all the neato gadgets that the Tulsa stations have.
I was watchin' the sky for rotation and funnel clouds....the flag in the yard changed directions 3 times!! A funnel cloud could form at any minute. I said to Roy that I thought it was odd that we didn't have any hail. We always get year we got hail stones the size of softballs!! And no sooner than I spit the words outta my mouth, it started to hail. I wasn't about to complain about not gettin' a tornado!
The moment we heard that there was storm damage in our little town we jumped in the truck to go it!! We didn't find it. One would think that a storm damage that made the news from the big town of Tulsa, we would be able to find it in a small town of 600 people!!
But no! The rain kept fallin'.
Red Bud trees are all purple...the ones in my yard are. Roy planted all the red buds. And lots of rain brings out the color in all the bushes around the yard. This bush was already on the property when we bought it and I'm not sure what it is...Quince maybe??

The rest we planted. So our yard has pinks, reds, purples, and yellows all over.
You just gotta love Spring!
So anyway we had lots of rain. The ditches were full of water. Our road is covered by water that doesn't drain correctly thru a culvert. When the sun finally came out I suggested we walk down to see what was causin' the problem. Nobody else was gonna do it!
There was a small herd of cows in the corner of a pasture, under the trees and standin'...hock deep in water that was not drainin'.....Okie Cows are so stupid!
They are so not like their California Cousins. Have you seen the commercials about the Happy Cows???
Okie Cows..... One crack of lightenin' and the whole bunch would have died!! You know that those friggin' cows had stood there all day in the water under the trees!!!
We cleared out the clog and it flowed freely....with no thanks from the cows!
Roy suggested we walk the local diner....or to the casino.
Sure...why not?
There is a housing development just down the road...they have put in roads and made concrete curbs for future roads thru the development. There tons of water washin' out the whole project! Water was standin' in a huge pool that was drainin' slowing down the low spot out to the road and down the was a muddy mess!
Roy said we should think about where we should cross so we didn't get muddy. We could walk down the curb. He has long legs and pretty much cross anywhere with a quick graceful leap. I, on the other hand, have to find the to cross.
Santa never brought me my Long Legs....but I can leap with the grace and ease of a gazelle!
I backtracked to find the perfect spot for me....stuck out my right foot with the ease a prima ballerina...lept off my left foot.

Perfectly landin' my right foot on the curb.
Slidin' in the mud!
Causin' me to lose my balance.
To minimize the damage I stuck my left foot in the stream of water.
The right foot slid even further.
I fell backwards into the mud!!
I was sitting there like a the mud....laughin' I had sense!

Roy was standin' perfectly on the curb....clean.....grinnin', "Oh Lord! Nadine, I can't take you anywhere!"
It was so gross....I wanted to walk like a baby with a diaper full of crap!!! We were only 2/10th of a mile from the house....walkin' was the only way home!

I just laughed....what else can you do?


Anonymous said...

It seems like your Spring is arriving just like ours, wet and a little late. The flowers sure are pretty. One thing about South Jersey weather..we don't have the real our hail is infrequent and hardly ever bigger than a dime. I hope it dries out there soon so you can get going with the warm weather planting in your garden. I'm planning on hitting the yard hard this Sunday after Mass and breakfast. No vegetable garden..I have four cold storages for them...just a lot of perenials and lawn ... and of course that project we never got to over Spring break. Anyway Have a good one! PMPM

MIss Thystle said...

Ah Nadine. I love you. I do that all the time and I feel like a dork everytime.

Anonymous said...

What a trip you are LOL, isn't Spring great!!! I'm working in the gardens should have them done by winter ha-ha. Only one more week and off I go to GA for PPA's wedding exciting :) Take care TTYL

Bird said...

I do not miss tornado season one bit. I am seriously still a little scarred from my years in north Texas. Sometimes the rain gets a little heavy here and I freak out.

Hmmm. . . falling on your butt, eh? Seems like I did something very similar a few weeks back. I have the pictures to prove it too, but I won't post those on the net--I wouldn't want to scare anyone.

Jeankfl said...

Lord, girl, you sound like me! Can't keep me out of the puddles! I think the yellow is forsythia, but I'm not sure.. I have one too.. I'll ask my mom. Channel 6 used to cover us really well, but when Trav moved over there, it went to hell in a handbasket.. just like he used to do on 8. They occasionally talk about us.. the stations from KS, Joplin, etc are useless.. It's been pretty weird this afternoon, too.

Sherrie said...

I really did laugh out loud at the last part of this blog, however I wasn't laughing AT you, I was laughing WITH you!

Your other pictures are so so beautiful though, it's still so cold here, and there is still some snow and ice on the ground. Honestly I am so tired of it, makes me homesick for the beautiful weather they have in B.C. BUT, I shall not fret, as soon enough it will be hotter than Africa here. LOL gotta love Alberta, yes, yes I do, the hubby told me so!

My son will be home tonight for the weekend, from College. He hasn't promised to come home every weekend, and when he is home we barely see him, he's out with his friends, but just knowing he's close feels good. AND........ my womanchild comes home tonight, Lord I've missed her, I'm so, so excited to give her a squoosh :-)

Hmmmm......wonder what kind of trinkets she'll bring me!

P.S. Thunderstorms are the best kind of dancing naked in the rain conditions.........