Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Road Trip...

Roy and I went to Branson, Missouri. It's always a fun trip. But nothing too excitin' happened this time out. I did discover a "5 and Dime"....I haven't been in one of those in years. Walmart pretty well crushed them over all the land....but missed the one in Branson. I'll tell you all about it later.

I think I should keep of list of "Stories for Later" becuz I know I always forget about them. I get into some other mess and it just slips my mind.

Roy and I did a cave's like the 25th time we've done it in the past 14 years. It's something to do. And this was the first time that we actually saw actually flew around! So cool!!

We did a lot of people watchin''s pretty interestin'.....and scary!

Have you actually just watched people?

Couple a things I noticed: What happens to a man's butt that it just disappears? Back to legs...not ass.

And what on God's little green earth makes a woman think that she's not gonna have achin' feet after wearin' high heels to an amusement park?

And another thing.....Why do girls wear a white t-shirts and then be all surprised when it gets wet and we all see your taa-taas???

Didn't your momma tell you anything???

Okay, so she wore high heels to an amusement park!! But still!!

I tried to upload some video from my digital camera, but I'm an iditot. I have never been able to use the video I take with my small camera becuz it's in some other code than my mini camera...that takes great video...but I don't carry it everywhere I go like I do my Kodak. But anyway...the water and flames was really cool that I wanted to share with my many hundreds....okay a dozen of readers.

But no! I have to do it the hard way...and it takes forlike-ever!!

And this is my second attempt to load this....There is a function to add video straight into the blog just like photos. Katy, it's up top by the spell checker thingy. So after 2 trys and a reboot It's loaded!
I have...had an account with YouTube....and It won't let me in now.
I don't exist.
SOoooo I'll just open an account....but my id..... the one I use for everything is taken...NO FUCKIN' SHIT!! BY ME!!! But I don't exist!!!
Go Figure!!!




Vickie said...

WHOA That is cool!!! How close can you get? Do you get sprayed by the fountains? Can you feel the heat? That is so cool.

Cindy R said...

Whoo Hoooooo, it worked. That is neat!
We keep saying we are going to Branson...haven't made it yet though!Maybe one of these days though!
High heels to an amusement park??? Ahhhh, I just love to people watch and those make great places to do it!
Have a good week girl!

Jeankfl said...

I like Branson.. We always stop at the "Home of the throwed rolls" on the that restaurant. Glad you had a good time!