Friday, April 25, 2008

This is What I Have to Work With....

They're like little kids!!
Really smart ones!!
From the time I get up, until the time they poop out..... from followin' me room to room.... Readin' blogs ......doin' the dishes ....laundry ....sewin' ....showerin'..... There's no pix of showerin'....that you don't get to see....but this my life!!

Oh, how I love it!!!

And for the record...NEVER LEAVE YOUR MONSTER IN THE DRYER!!! He has cat blogs to read!!


mannyed said...

Hey he's not reading man oh manny!


MErcy said...

I've been sewing a poodle skirt for my daughter for her sockhop tonight. Next time can I borrow your kitty????


ps his imperial highness? LOL hmmm I'll think on it!

ZooKeeper said...

People I used to babysit accidentally DID leave their kitten in the dryer. They named him Tumbles. He was pretty retarded after that, he walked crooked and his tongue hung out of his mouth. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly sympathize with you on this one. I am owned by 3 wonderful kitties and they follow me around all day, too...except when I turn the vacuum on; then they go and Working in the garden is the hardest, because they seem to want to dig right where you've just planted something...grrrr!
Hugs and love,

MizAngie said...

I'm the same way except with a 90-lb Labrador. He's so afraid I'm gonna fart and he won't get to smell it. Ha! I can't imagine living alone or spending much time alone(without other humans) and not have an animal to keep me company. I may cuss him when he stops in front of me and I stumble over him, but golllllly he's a lot of fun! He helps me with the dishes, too. One day I went to pee and when I came back he had unloaded all the plastic bowls and licked 'em clean for me. Ugh.

Bird said...

I met a guy who dried his cat. It was never the same. I'm paranoid and always check the dryer before I put stuff in it.

Beth said...

Oh how i can relate to this. Seems like taking care of 6 cats is more work then it was taking care of three kids. When they get out of control, there is no stopping them either. Why is it that they love clothes right out of the dryer , wouldnt you think that would be too hot. totally amazing.

Billie said...

How very true. My cats follow me around too!

It frustrates me to no end sometimes when I go into the bedroom to go to sleep and they all follow me so I then have to leave the bedroom so they leave with me and THEN... and FINALLY THEN... I can close the bedroom door behind me and go to sleep.