Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This is Sew Bad...

All I can say about yesterday's entry was....I woke up to that dream and had to share. But you should have know it was a dream....I don't mow!!!!

Saturday, Roy went to the big gun show in Tulsa over the weekend...I did not. I went the opposite way to Joplin to shop. I had a list of thing to get and to do.

Go to Payless and check out the lime green wedges I saw online...if I'm gonna go green....lime green.... I have to hold them in my hand.....and try them on my feet.

Go to Hastings Records...Roy hates that store. I don't know why. He looks over the girly mags while I look for music and books.

Look for a swimsuit cover-up.

Look at sewing machines....yes, I have a domestic side.

Mine crapped out. It's over 40 years old.....it's been in my life forever. I don't how long my mother had it before I came along. But rather than try to fix it Roy just wanted to replace it. Which I am really balkin' at.....it's in a cherry cabinet and it's like a family heirloom...and I'm a hoarder.

Roy said, "You need to let it go. It's old and broken."

"I keep you." He was not amused.

So we started the search for sewing machines. I did a little research online. I asked MizAngie what type she used....a Singer. Good machine.

I'm a hands on person and I need to actually see the machines. Roy and I went to Sears. He promptly sat right down and went to sewin'....like he knew what he was doin'!!

If he can work it I will have no problem!

What I had a problem with is the cost!!

Over $300!!

I wanted to shop around and look at more.

While he went to Tulsa, I went to Joplin....alone.....becuz all my friends' hubby are scared to death we might have fun.

There is a store solely dedicated to sewing machines. That's where I went and that's where my search for sewing machines stopped.

I walked in that door and looked all the machines...they were everywhere....all setup and ready to sew just like in HomeEc!! It was awesome!!

And I took a gander at one of the price tags...I nearly died right there!!!

I didn't know whether to shit or cry!!

Some of those machines were over $2000.00!!!!!

I must have stood there too long in shock becuz a very sweet little lady approached me and said "How may I help you?"

"I need a sewing machine."

"What kind of sewing do you do?"

Why do they all ask that?

I hated to tell her that I just needed one to do hems or repair my husband's jeans....becuz these machines that I was lookin' at...these $2000.00 magical machines.....do more than repair the armpit of my gramps' wool sweater!!!!

Which by the way, is a sweater he wore in the late 60's and sometime in the 80's he out grew it....he went from being CharletonHeston to WilfordBrimley. I took the sweater from his closet to keep and wear....until the armpit blew out.

He was annoyed that I had his sweater. Granny said, "Well Fred, You can't wear it!"

Oh, I know how to sew.

I have been sewing for like ever. It's in my DNA!!

On my mother's side, those women could sew!! And they used the old treadle ones....which is what I took first stitches on....it's not easy!! My great grandmother...GrannyDora, was using her treadle machine up until she died....in the 70's. She was close to 90 years old!!! She was tough. She taught my momma, and if her stitches weren't right....she ripped them out and made her start over!! She was a prairie woman....she lived in Oklahoma before it was a state...She took her sewing very serious and very personal!!

Anyway, the Sewing Clerk asked what I needed one for, I motioned around the room, "Not like this."

She lead me to some lesser, tricked out machines. And said some words about them that I didn't hear becuz I was still hung up on the prices....the lesser ones....the cheapest one was $400!!!

I politely said "thank you" and left. I felt like I had been kicked in the gut! I was so outta my element.

I didn't make it to Hastings.

I didn't see the lime green wedges.

And I didn't make it home with a swimsuit cover-up.....I did, however, buy two more swimsuits, a pair of shoes... and shorts.... and capris... and some blouses......so the day wasn't a total waste.

When Roy got home I told him all about my experience at the sewing store.

"Why would you feel like crying? Why are you so cheap? Why can't you just buy something?"

"I feel that it's very selfish to purchase something so expensive that we both don't benefit from."

I'm tellin' this to man that has 3 motorcycles and several guns.

Sunday morning, I asked what his plans for the day was.

He replied, "I'm making love to my wife. Then takin' her to town to eat dinner. Then takin' her down to Sears to buy her a sewing machine."

So I am the proud owner of New Kenmore Sewing Machine....and the first thing I fixed, was my grandpa's sweater.


Miss Thystle said...

My mom has had a Kenmore since she was in highschool. Still runs just fine, you'll be perfectly happy with it!
PS. I heart Roy.

Mannyed said...

I am sending all my pants for you to hem - ok?

You have quite a husband there, girlfriend.

Vickie said...

When I was a little girl my grandma taught me to sew by hand. I have a portable singer that I have had about 20 years. I have used it 3 times. I don't sew. If
I wear it out I will get a new one.

Bird said...

I love that story.

I wish I could sew, but it's not in my DNA.

I am lusting over some patent, clover green wedges. They are not practical, but they are cool. . . maybe I'll go back and get them.

Billie said...

"I keep you." He was not amused.

I love that comment above.

Ok... then you would be horrified at the cost of my sewing machine! My sewing machine is about 25 years old so I figure over this period of time it was justified. I don't remember how much I spent but it was about 1000 - 1500$. We get a 40% discount on sewing machines where I work. I intend on working there at least long enough to get one at the discount. With the discount, I intended on spending about 3000$ but I do a lot of sewing. This is likely to take all of my savings that I had before I got married. And by golly... I am worth at least one toy in my life.

Bird said...

Hey, let me know if your twitter is working

MizAngie said...

That is a GREAT story! And I'm so proud you got a new machine. Does it have ANY bells and whistles? The Singer I have does not. It's more heavy-duty because it's the kind they use in home-ec classes. I want one with more bells and whistles than a freight train! But not the top of the line ones - they're too expensive and I don't think I could figure out how to use one. The guy at the Singer store told me there are only 2-3 factories making sewing machines, so chances are your Kenmore is something like a Singer or Husqvarna or something. My aunt has had a Kenmore for YEARS. You're gonna love it!!!

P.S. I bet I have more fabric than you!!!!

ZooKeeper said...

It's ridiculous how much things cost anymore. I have a sewing machine, not sure what brand but it needs a trip to the repair shop since "someone" knocked it off the table and something is jammed. And I have no idea how to adjust the tension for the different types of materials so most of my sewing needs get passed on to my mom.