Friday, April 04, 2008

Life's Little Bumps in The Road...

"Honey, I think I'm pregnant."

I have always wanted to say that to him.
You know when you are all caught up in the love of being together and plannin' your future with the one....children are gonna happen. To raise one our own would have been a real trip...but with all that happened with his daughter....his heart was broken.... and the turmoil of my daughters, we just gave up on the idea.
But we practiced makin' one anyway...a lot!!

So the other day when I said told him what I thought about being pregnant, he just smirked and rolled his eyes!
I should rename my blog to " And He Rolled His Eyes!"
He does it so much.

And another thing, would you roll your eyes and smirk if you knew that there was no way you could possible be the father of your wife's baby if you had a vasectomy in 1983????
Smirkin' would be the last thing you did.....well, you might smirk after you bludgeoned her death with the toothbrush you were holdin'!

"What makes you think that?"
"I'm late."
And he rolls his eyes's really a pain in the ass...all that eye rollin'!

"Well, you could be menopausal."

Now isn't he just "Little Mary Sunshine"!?!

"Now how could I be menopausal??? I'm only 35!!"

He just smirked that time!


Bird said...

Ahhh, the men folk. I think mine just ignores me half the time. Especially when I think that I have some dreaded disease. I can be a hypochondriac (don't you dare tell him I said that).

I'm sorry it's cold outside. It's hot and muggy here.

Sherrie said...

I always wanted four yanno, but he fixed that so we couldn't the pig ole fart. Hmmm I still work though, think I could fool him? Hehehehe

Menopausal......ugh......that word has flown around me a few times lately, I just keep duckin' hoping it'll miss me!

MizAngie said...

Maybe you're in EARLY menopause. (I'm rolling my eyes.)


Cindy R said...

The trying to make a baby is the fun part!
You could be starting menopause friend Brandi is 37 and she has already started the night sweats. Which I dread big time!

Don't you just love living in Tornado Alley? We had a few funnel clouds spotted around here Monday also.
Take care girl!

Jean said...

I don't mind the eye rolls, I hate the smirks!! lol Hope you start feeling better, but I have the feeling you're going to get a little worse before you get better!! But, I wouldn't go back for anything.. Course, I only had three hot flashes.. and just quit! Had some spotting, which we took care of, then nothing! It's great.. hope you have it that easy..