Friday, April 11, 2008

Just A Little Thought...

RealWorldFriends send "Forwards".
Why is that??

BlogWorldFriends send me actual messages. Whether it be from Alicia tellin' me about her lastest news or a pat on the back from....well... everyone!! Somethings that's all a gal needs.


RWFs send "Forwards" of jokes...normally the same one they send me in the first year of my entry of the World Wide Web. I hardly ever get pictures or invites to dinner or parties. One of my closer friends that I have known for-like-ever...since the 8th grade....started reply'n to me with two word answers.

"Yes Thanks."

"Can't Today."

"Too Much."

She's the reason I blog!! She told me I write great stories...that my life sounds like a sitcom! She encouraged me to write. Personally, I don't consider this rant writin' or all those cat tails or all the other crap that comes from my brain....becuz there are some people that have blogs that a T-riffic writers and should be published. They could make money!!

But her office dymanics have changed....But I didn't think so much that I should get 2 word answers!!

So I started writin' her back in the same 2 word manner....she caught on quick! She's only smarter than me becuz she actually finished more college than I did! She has 2 more years on me. She asked me what was wrong and on that particular day it was shoe shoppin' and idiot husbands.....and I haven't heard a word from her since!!!

Only Forwards!!

Is it time to rethink my RWFs???

Or do each one have a purpose? A secret additive to my life that only reveals itself when needed??

I'd like to think that.


Vickie said...

Hi Honey,
Yes all our friends have a purpose. Some are easier to phone. Some you might even have to write, ugh. Some you only communicate with here. Some you can drop by anytime. Some you have to call first.
I like your style of writing too.

MizAngie said...

Well, Nadine, don't get in a pissin' contest over some silly email! She's probably jealous, as I am, that you're frickin' RETIRED and we're not!!! She may feel very put-upon that you have all this free time to email and she's soooooo busy tryin' to make a livin'. Because, 9 times outta 10, it's more about US than it is YOU. And by US I mean ME! hahahah!!!

Proto said...

When the responses get that way, and they ask what's wrong, tell them you miss them. Couldn't hurt.

Bird said...

I wonder about these things too. I can go DAYS without hearing a word from the people who are supposed to be my closest friends. A couple of them read this blog religiously--and never say a word about it. It's weird. Sometimes I think the blog makes it too easy on them--they can catch up with me without having to call or anything. Perhaps those of us that need daily encouragement/support/whatever have to set up blogs to garuntee that we get it. People without blogs need less. Just a theory.

Sherrie said...

Sometimes it gets lonely being the one to be a real friend doesn't it? I miss my real friends, life seems to take us in so many different routes. We get busy, we forget sometimes what's important, we get tired, and we forget to take the time to tell someone how much they mean to us.

I'm just glad I have you to read some days girl, you'd make an awesome real life friend!