Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Should Get a Gold Star or Something!!

Yes. I should!!
I know what I'm about to tell does indeed confirm the fact that I need help....mentally. It is a mature adult thing that I'm about to tell you.....I do have mature moments. They are rare!

Yes....The lawn has been moved! But not by Roy. I did it! Just to prove I could.

But the Gold Star.....One evening, during supper, I asked Roy to show me how to run the mower.

Yep, he had that same look!!! Shocked!!

"Don't make any decisions now. Think about it and get back to me."

We all know I don't here. But I wanted to help him. I could do the small sections of the yard.

Yesterday, I took the dogs for a walk. Ralph is so outta shape! Okay... one of us needs to walk and it ain't Ralph!

Then on the last trip around, he zigged when I zagged and I fell in the driveway. It really palms are scraped up. I told Roy what I did and showed him my hands.

He just shook his head. He watched me fall the last here. He knew it had nothing to do with the dog!

During supper, I brought up the mower lesson again. He looked at me with that same shocked look.

"You can't even walk the dog without gettin' hurt! There is no way I'm gonna let you mow the yard!"

I tried!


MizAngie said...

See? That's why I'm afraid to walk Timber on pavement. We're still practicing in the backyard. It's not going so well.

So next time Roy bitches about mowing the yard you can remind him that you TRIED to help and he wouldn't let you! ha! Excellent plan, chick.

ZooKeeper said...

You can come mow my yard. I have home owners insurance!

Mannyed said...

Oh well, now you can watch him mow the lawn with a glass of lemonade with out any guilt. You did ask him and he refused, what's a girl to do!

Jeankfl said...

TAG!! You're it! Come find out what! You can come mow my yard. I'll even teach you how to do the riding zero-radius (or whatever) lawnmower!! Dad's turned it over on himself a couple of times, so we don't let him do that section of the yard anymore..the neighbor does it.. So you could do it!!lol

Dawn said...

Can't blame a girl for trying...and I second Mizangie's he can't bitch....

Bird said...

I had to mow my lawn when Hubby deployed--sucked in ways that I could not imagine. 100+ temperatures and me do not mix well. ACK!

I can walk the dog, though.