Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy!! Happy!! Joy!!! Joy!!!!

I will walk a bit taller! I will hold my head a bit higher!

I will Strut a little more!!

Records have been exponged!!!

And I can thumb my nose at DaMan!!

But I think I'll still be Nadine!!


Mannyed said...

I'll share in your joy, because I know what ever this is, must be exciting for you.

However, if you've just killed someone...I know nothing. In fact, I never even been to this blog before :o)

Miss Thystle said...

what records? Is it about that time that we took the T-Bird and fled after you shot a guy in the parking lot at a bar and then you wouldn't drive through Texas and we got chased by the feds and blew up that fuel truck and then I made out with Brad Pitt and he stole all your money? Sorry about that, but Good times, good times.