Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The BeeHive Ladies....

That is a group of women that are too freakin' cool to be in the RedHatSociety!! That whole hat thing would screw the BeeHive!!!

Let's remember that I just made that up. The BeeHive Ladies....I did it, sittin' here at my own PC!
Like VelvetTush....that's mine too. But I have found others that have used it.....What the Hell People?? Come up with your own shit and leave mine alone!!

But anyway....The BeeHive Ladies...
I want to wear silk and pearls and drink martinis for lunch.
That would be the catch phrase..."We will wear Beehives and Silk."

I have noticed that there are women that revel in the RedHats...that's okay....Laugh and Live it up.
But there are those that feel the RedHats are below mother in law, QueenVictoria! She loves to be part of a group but she wants to lead it she isn't invited. She would NEVER wear's not her color...How can somebody say that purple is not her color???
And above all things, she would NEVER EVER WEAR A RED HAT!!!

Then there are those that wear BeeHives! Those are the ones that I hang with...the ones that cuss, gamble, and drink.
Yesterday was The MerryWidow's birthday and we had a party. She 84...we party all the time!
So I pulled out my silk blouse and pearls.....spritzed on my old lady perfume....CoCo Chanel. I wanted to smell better than the BenGayGroup but not take away from the BirthdayGirl.
She had invited another friend of mine...that wears a BeeHive.....becuz The MerryWidow loves to rub elbows with "Celebrities"....and couple of other ladies from TheHealthNutStore.
It was a nice lunch....The MerryWidow didn't drop any FBombs.
Or break out in day while at the Casino for lunch she heard TonyBennett singin' and she burst out in song! He seems to be a trigger for her!
I felt like I was in a musical!!
And it wasn't Julie Andrews on a mountain top!!!
But in her mind who knows?? She's probably rollin' around in the edelweiss with her young lover.
And when she was done, she said, "I was so good as a young girl that I had a scholarship to go that fancy school in Vienna. I would have been big in Austria. And then doze Nazis rolled in...Doze Suckas!!"

It's always something....

So are you in with me??
The BeeHive Ladies??


Miss Thystle said...

I'm so in! Can I have a pastel purple beehive? We need a logo! We need a motto! You're brilliant, Nadine.

Dawn said...

I'm in....

Vickie said...

I have enough hair I can do a beehive. If Miss Thystle can have a purple hair do, can I have green. We would really be making a fashion statement then. Hell, we might even start a new fad.

ZooKeeper said...

Beehives were before my time and would probably make me feel old if I wore one. I'm turning 30 in 12 days and well I feel old enough but I'll join you guys in a few years and I want a pink one!

Beth said...

I'm in and looking for my sild top !!!!!! Is there a beautician these days that can do a beehive LOL thank goodness for hairspray !!!

Bird said...

I guess I'm a little bipolar because I could do a beehive and cuss or I could wear a red hat. I do have a thing for hats and there are so few occasions where they're appropriate. I keep trying to get my mom to join a red hat group, but she says she's too young.

How to you do a beehive anyway? Can you do a tutorial?

Cindy R said...

Beehive Ladies??? That sounds like fun! Count me in sista! I do need some lift in my hair!

MizAngie said...

In! I'm gonna wear tight capri pants, okay??? A big beehive and tight capris stretched over my big ol' butt. Awesome!

big dog mom pam said...

Count me in too. I'm still a few years away from the Red Hat ladies. This could be big fun. And I get to cuss?!