Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The 5 and Dime....

So Roy and I were walkin' back to the motel from a supper of guacamole and margaritas...Cantina Laredo is the best!!!

Ask for David as your waiter, he is awesome!!

The water and fire display is really neato frito!!

Vicky, you can feel the heat if you are too close. And you will get sprayed...a fine mist of water....very appealin' in the heat of summer!! There is a "MoonDance" song that has no fire.

Anyway, we were walkin' up the this steep legs still hurt from all the hill walkin'....Branson is located in the Ozark Mountains.....and everything is built on a we passed this one store I stopped to go in it. I heard Roy cuss about it but he knew I couldn't do too much damage....I was tapped out on cash!

When I opened that door of the 5 and Dime I was transported back to 1975!!

It was just like the DimeStore in Collinsville, Oklahoma in 1975!!!!

It was awesome!!!!!

The store was layed out the same...women's underwear next to the baby in the back and sewing notions in the middle of the store.....And they had everything!!!

I wish I had had money. They had embroidery thread for 39cents!!! Thread was still 3 for dollar!!

And all the iron on patterns for embroidering tablecloths, table runners and pillow Walmart quit sellin' all those things. Crush the little man and stop sellin' the necessities of country life!!!

And then there it was.....the candy counter!!!


Do you remember when you were little and the candy counter was huge....and not at a quiktrip! Or on the way outta Walmart!

There was all the candies from my childhood....candy cigarettes....and ZOTZ!!!!!

When I was a kid, Granny used to go to town once a week....on buy supplies. We only went once a week. We didn't just hop in the car run to Walmart just becuz we needed a bag of chips. She bought for the week. She always gave us kids $1. It went alot further back then! I often bought a comic book and some candy or blow the whole thing on "TV DINNER"...that was a big deal...becuz I was raised on fried chicken, fried steaks, fried pork chops and mashed potatoes and gravy....every meal was fried!!

Ever have a Tbone steak breaded and fried??? My Granny had no idea about grillin' or broilin'.....the breadin' just didn't work out well under the broiler!! The only thing I fry now is fish and okra....and shrimp!

One day my baby sister and I went to the DimeStore....I guess I was 11 becuz RubyJune was 3...we went all by ourselves..... Crossed the street and everything....small towns are a great way of life. She had her money in her pocket and I had mine. I left her in front of the candy while I went back to see if they had gotten new comic books....I liked Wendy and Richie Rich .....Casper was my favorite! I made my choice, gathered up RubyJune and paid for my book.

We hadn't walked 1 foot from the store when RubyJune stopped and said, "Hey, Sissy!!" She pulled up her shirt to reveal the candy she had stuffed in her pants!!!!!

I jerked that candy from her pants and marched her back in the store and put it back on the shelf and walked out....scoldin' her all the way back to the car! Those old biddies normally watched us like hawks but miss that move by RubyJune!! I couldn't bare the thought of being kicked out of the DimeStore forever!!

She pouted all the way home and Granny gave her a whoopin'. She didn't do that ever again!!

Bad to the Bone startin' playin'....transportin' me back to 2008...Roy was callin'!

"What ARE you doin'?" Apparently, I was in there a long frickin' was just so neato.

"Oh Honey! It's just so neato!! It's 1975 in here!!"

"Well come on."

"I can't. I have my hands full of candy!" I HAD ZOTZ!!!!!

"You have no money."

"You'll have to come in and bail me out."

"No, I won't.

"Yes! You will!!! Becuz I'm not comin' out and you'll have to come in and get me!"

2 minutes later I'm walkin' down the streets with my Zotz!!

For those of you that have no clue to what Zotz are.....and I'm so very sorry for you....they are a hard candy that a powder in the center that fizzes when it makes contact with your the point that you could look like a rabid dog......and it's just neato!!!! They come in Apple, Cherry and Watermelon.


Dawn said...

loved the cool...

and I love zotz..

Mannyed said...

we call those Pop Rocks!

Darlene said...

I will DEFINATELY get as many pictures as I can. We will commemorate this trip digitally!

Darlene said...'s-_-zotz

Go here for all your ZOZT needs...LOL

big dog mom pam said...

Loved the video! The candy counter sounds great. Yes, I remember candy cigarettes. Oh, and those little pop bottles with liquid inside, then you chew the wax. Of course you couldn't leave without your zotz!