Tuesday, April 15, 2008

3 Things That I Have Learned Recently...

1) That you should always put the coffee in the cup before you add the sugar and creamer....otherwise it's all creamer and very little coffee.
I'll be bouncin' off the walls from a sugar high...not the caffeine!!!

2) That cats and sewin' do not mix!! The pattern paper is just too crinkly! It sounds like so much fun. I had it spread out on the desk to cut out the pattern pieces and Scooter jumped smack dab in the middle of it....I was so lucky it didn't rip!!
So I draped it over a chair and Jax got in the chair under the pattern paper and was battin' at the scissors....they aren't sharp enough to cut him but....they would hurt him!!
I just want to pull my hair out!!!

3) I'm not pregnant....Like I ever thought I was.
Roy was havin' way to much fun with it!!
One day he asked me if I wanted to get an EPT. My brain was in LaLaLand and what he said wasn't makin' much sense.
SPT?? The car's maintenance is not my department so that wasn't what he said.
Maybe it was EPA??? But what the hell do I know about them???

Or the day he said something about "my condiction"...."delicate condiction"...I don't even know what it was we were doin'!! But he said, "You shouldn't be doin' this in your delicate condiction."

Or outta the blue he said, "Which would you rather be pregnant or menopausal?"
I had to think about that long and hard....neither are appealin' to me!!
I picked Menopausal.
"Well you are gonna be a real booger bear when that happens!!"

PS: I Never Said I Could Spell....despite havin' a spellchecker!!


ZooKeeper said...

Oh, I'm a nerd. I got 80% in math and science. Sad Sad. Well, I'm glad to hear you aren't knocked up! Not sure I'd be real thrilled with being menopausal either but it does sound slightly better. Watch out Roy! Oh and condi(c)tion only has one C. I told you I was a nerd.

Mannyed said...

I say if your pregnant that certainly is a conDICtion. Spelling is for nerds, haha. Just kidding.

Vickie said...

Menopausal does not last as long as raising a child does. I would rather be menopausal. That does not mean I am getting old!

MizAngie said...

I just stopped in
To see what condiction
My condiction was in.
Yeah, Yeah, Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh....

-Kenny Rogers

Beth said...

i vote for menopausal !!!!!!!!! Actually once every month i wish i was past that stage already !!!!

Cindy R said...

Cats always seem to want to be right in the middle of whatever it is you're doing. That makes me miss my Tabitha!
I think I would rather be menopausal then pregnant...but that's just me!