Thursday, March 06, 2008

We All Have Bouts of Self Doubt!!

Some the most secure people I know have bouts of depression and self doubt and the image that they project to others.
Luckily, my depression was just a hormonal thing becuz I really am not ready to wear sensible shoes.
Last year, the BossMan had all the staff together for a meetin'.....the first time some of my co-workers had ever actually saw me.....we talk on the phone all the time but I couldn't pick any of them out of a line-up! The offices are only 15 miles apart!!
And neither could they of me....we were all chatterin' away talkin' about nothin' when I left the of them whispers to another "Who is that?"
When they all knew who I was, one of them said, "You wear Pink HiTops. I wish I had the nerve to wear Pink shoes."

Does it take nerve to wear Pink Converses?? That has hung in my brain since she said it.

So no....Granny...I'm not ready. Pink HiTops are about as sensible I as I get.

But Roy....light of my life....walked in one day and the first words outta his mouth was, "Do I talk tough?"

What??? Duh!!!

"Yes, Honey, you do."
I might as well have hit him in the balls!! He looked like I did....he feelin's were hurt. Men!!
I continued....I know all the right things to say....I've stroked his ego before....
"Honey, you carry yourself in a manner that exudes confidence. You strut. You walk with your shoulders back, chest all puffed out. The model of ToughNess! You are an icon. Other men tell YOUR WAR stories becuz they don't have their own!!! It is a documented fact, that you are arrogant."
For some reason those were not words he wanted to hear....he's no cream puff!
I'm not gonna lie about it...but he was hurt!
I have seen his SuperCape fly in the breeze!!
He not only talks the talk but He Walks the Walk....And he is having self esteem issues????
I had to know what prompted this...and he spilled the beans.
It would seem that a "friend" of his said "You talk tough! Let's just see how tough you are!" and they wrestled like boys in the schoolyard..... Roy came out on top....and all was giggles and shits with the "friend"....Men!!!
One would think if a 58 yr old man tussled with a 30 yr old and the 58 yr old was the winner he would strut like he was cock of the walk!
Not like the whipped one!!

Oh Yes....We are a two peas in a pod!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey granny,
just kidding :-) relax it's all GOOD, Pink hitops cool wish I had a pair, I'm the flip flop queen LOL
the eyes are looking like I have jaundice now gross, next week stitches come out and I'll be beautiful again :-) have a great week.

Miss Thystle said...

My Grandma always says "you have to get older, but you don't have to grow up!" That woman is a genius. Also? She has more high-heeled shoes than anyone I know. AND she's already 5'10"!

Cindy R said...

I LOVE that you wear pink hitops! How cool is that?? I understand the thing about getting old though. I go through that myself all the time! But yet...the past couple of years have been some of the best!
The past hour and half we have gotten 2 1/2 inches of snow and it is still coming down like crazy!I'm sure I will have my snow day tomorrow! Take care girl! And you are NOT old. Did you hear Oprah tell David Lettermen that 60 is the new 40? So we have a ways to go!

Vickie said...

What nerve??? For daring to be different? Don't change.
I want some baby blue high tops.

MizAngie said...

So Roy is a lot like Walker, Texas Ranger? Ha!

I didn't know Chuck Taylor's came in PINK? Hmmm....

Billie said...

Ok... I have read this twice and having a rough time wrapping my head around the fact you are a grandma. Y

The granny shoes and dresses you are thinking of belong to the grannies of the past. You are a definitely a granny of the future and need to pave the way for the rest of us and redefine grannyhood.


Bird said...

Everybody has those days. Luckily, we usually get over them.

I think pink high tops are awesome. I've been flirting with a pair of converses recently, but they were slip-ons.