Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tossin' and Turnin'....

I'm one of those people that doesn't sleep well. If I don't take something I sleep for about 4 hours and then I'm up for 4 hours.

And it doesn't help that I have weirdass dreams, becuz then I am tryin' to figure out the damn thing!

So let me tell you all about it. In real life, I have been tryin' to get my aunt and sister together to go see the new baby....things haven't worked out so smoothly!

But the dream..... I was prep'in' the submarine for a trip. I have gotta get a book to find out what the deal is with subs....odd!! It probably has something to do with sex!
I am puttin' the chickens and goats and cats on the sub along with an a life support a metal box. Everyone...the sub crew... knows it's alien...not one from another country but another planet.....weirdass I know!!
We all know the damn thing will get lose and kill us all!!!
That's what always happens!!!

I know why I have the chickens and goats....I have been readin' a magazine about hobby farms and I want chickens and ducks but Roy has issues with I don't have any.
But the cats....not sure but they have a purpose.
In the dream, I'm upset that I can't get the cats to eat. So I call to Roy to help me. He's not thrilled as he always has to help me with piddly little things.
This isn't piddly!
If the cats don't eat...their not happy.
If their not happy....they don't purr.
If they don't purr....they don't create energy.
If they don't create energy....the alien will die.
If the alien can't get lose and kill us!!

Weirdass dream....right???

Can I go back to drinkin' now??


Anonymous said...

Hiya Hun:
I know that you're thinking of me and I really do appreciate that.
I looked up submarine in my dream book and it's not even in I guess it doesn't mean anything. Alien means some important changes are coming your way. Cats could mean treachery among your friends or a sudden stroke of luck. I would pick the luck one to correspond with what happened in your dream. Chickens mean 'don't count your chickens before they hatch'...of course, what else could it mean??
I have very, very weird dreams all the time, but I know that mine are from taking a narcotic, so I don't bother interpreting them anymore.
The sun is shining brightly today and it always does wonders to cheer me up.
Thanks for caring so much.
Hugs and Love,

MizAngie said...

The submarine is OBVIOUSLY symbolic of the penis. The chickens refer to eggs which refer to ovaries which are nearby the vagina. The aliens symbolize strangers. So, I interpret this as you wanting some "strange." hahaha

Disclosure: I did not refer to a book nor have I trained in any form of dream interpretation. This all came from my own little warped brain.

Bird said...

I had to just go ahead and ignore the dreams I've been having. I've been reading Harry Potter and I go to sleep thinking about witches and wizards and spells and whatnot. Makes for some seriously freaky dreams. Maybe you should start a dream diary and then you can look for patterns?

Anonymous said...

And I thought taking anti-smoking drugs would give me strange dreams!! You know my theories on interpretation of dreams....only interpet what you like and forget the rest. You have my permission to have some red wine..for the good of your heart! PMPM

Mannyed said...

Submarines eh? That comes with Navy guys, right? Mmmm. Navy guys.

I don't know maybe the submarine is some reference to sinking. Maybe yourgoal to get your family together is sinking? Ok, I'll stop now.

Anonymous said...

I'm at jury duty today and lucky me they have computers available for us while were waiting too be called. Damn girl you need a good stiff drink, I thought I had weird dreams at times but you take the hat. Hope you get a good night sleep soon. have a great week.
~hugs cathy~