Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things That Go Bump In the Night!!!

I'm easily spooked...... Very easily spooked!
As a child Scooby-Doo Cartoons scared me. I would hide behind Gramp's chair and watch until Scooby said "Ruh-Ro Raggy" and then hid....so I never saw the BoogieMan!
The Ghost and MrChicken...scared me Shitless!!!!
Then Granny received baby chicks in the mail....a couple were dead!!
Now who would send dead chicks in the mail to MY GRANNY!!!
A Mad Man!!!
Daddy explained that Granny had order the chicks and some just died in shippin'....that sometimes things died.
I was 3.
But it made sense.
So Daddy knew that I was very sensitive to that sorta thing....he never allowed any of us kids to watch violence on TV. To this day I have never watched Helter Skelter.....outta respect for his wishes and becuz that was real shit!!
And that really scares the shit outta me!!
When I was 9 or so, there was huge manhunt in the state for the man that had raped and killed 3 little girls at camp.....I had friends that went to camp and I was very upset about it!
Interesting but trivial info.....That manhunt was Roy's first one!! I sometimes forget how much of life he lived before he strutted into my life.
So I have never watched slasher movies. I see that it can happen....And that is so scary for me.

I am so easily spooked....Once Daddy wanted to go into town to play cards and drink beer with his cousins. I did not.
"Daddy, I'm 16!! I don't want to sit around watchin' The Desert Fox, listenin' to you guys all night long. I can stay home alone and watch what I want to on my own TV!"
He went to town with everyone but me! I turned off all the lights but one and the TV on....I was thumbin' thru the Spiegel catalog when I noticed a car drivin' by.....and then I saw the brake lights come on.....that was all it took!! I turned on the porch light!!
I ran to the pickup and headed to town in a heartbeat!! No car needed to be stoppin' in front of my house!!
Daddy said, "Change your mind?"
Yep and I watched The Desert Fox for the umptenth time.....my cousin had a thing for The Desert Fox...every time we went to his house....it was always on.
This was back before Letterman and DVDs....They used to show old movies.

When I was married to my first husband....Earl Lee....when he worked, he was a truck driver. I was left alone for a week at a time...just me and the girls. He wanted me to have a gun.....so he brought one home.....I was not thrilled. I told him, "Think about this long and hard.....Think about some of our Knock Down Dragouts.... Do you want me to use that on you?"
He promptly got rid of it!!
So I had a couple of dogs. The first dog was just a little terrier mix that loved EudoraMae...my youngest!! Those two played in his doghouse....she would pull him out...get in and lay down with her Dumbo houseshoes stickin' out.....Sniffles would go in and lay with her. She would wander around the yard with him on her heels....she would wander too close to the road...he would looked back at me as if to say, "Are watchin' this??? Come and get her!!"
He loved her with a passion!!
He hated Earl Lee with just as much passion!! Sniffles was sittin' in a chair with me when Earl Lee walked past and Sniffles growled. That just made Earl Lee mad...so he started teasin' the dog!
So there I was with this mad dog on my lap and Earl Lee makin' him madder and madder.....the hair was standin' up on of the dog's neck. And Earl Lee just laughed.... He was gonna get me bit!!
I held myself back as far as I could...watchin' this dog very intently when EudoraMae came up and grabbed that mad dog!!!
Sniffles turned to her face and started lickin' it!! But Sniffles kept a watchful eye on Earl Lee!!
He was a good watch dog. He was hit by a car.....and it wasn't Earl Lee!
And there was Big JakeMcLintock....He hated Earl Lee too!!
Big Jake slept on the bed with me. I had to put him on it....he was a basset hound....I had a really high iron bed. He could get down but he couldn't get on it.
Earl Lee came home with nookie on the brain and tried to get in bed with me....Big JakeMcLintock said "Hell No!!"
"You're gonna hafta git that dawg offa your bed!"
So I pushed Big Jake off the bed. Big Jake was pissed off....he paced the floor barkin' with that deep ol' basset hound bark....I had to put him outside for the night......I miss Big JakeMcLintock!!
Earl Lee decided there and then he wasn't gettin' me a Rottweiller!!

After Earl Lee was kicked out for good, I had a different basset hound....Stetson. Now Stetson was not so protective as Big Jake. He had issues. He thought he was Schnauzer. He was about 55 pounds of pure dog that bounced from couch to couch throwin' pillows all over, chasin' after the real schnauzer that I had....she was only 11 pounds and her boucin' from couch to couch never moved a pillow!!
One night I came home to an empty house...I worked a late shift and the girls were at my brother's house....so I came home to an empty UNLOCKED house. I lived in a small town where a vast majority of the people in that town was related to me, so I didn't lock my house. I didn't have anything worth stealin'!
I crawled into bed....a huge water bed...so warm and comfy....just the right amount of water to sink into...I miss that bed!
I heard footsteps!!!
Slow draggin' footsteps.....someone was in the house with me!!! There was an intruder!!!!
I thought he musta been in there all day waitin' for me....I was so scared!! I had covered up my head as much as could and tried to breathe very slowly....very quietly...as he were standin' next to the bed!!! And then he turned and walked into the bathroom....and I knew instantly who and what it was....it was Stetson!!
Stetson didn't like men either....when he died he was 72 pounds!! That's a bigass basset!!
How could I forget that he was in the house??!!??
I get spooked easily!!
Roy told me to start lockin' the house and I wouldn't have to go thru that again!!

I damn sure did!!

There's more to the tale....but we have to go 'round RobinHood's Barn to get there!!


Dawn said...

I don't get scared if I'm in the house...it's outside in the dark that I can't handle...I hate being alone in the dark outside....

....but as you know I love a good scary movie.

Billie said...

I am with Dawn. I LOVE scary movies. Sometimes the honey will try to sneak up on me and scare me when I am watching them. Sometimes it works... sometimes not.


Mannyed said...

I loooove Bassett Hounds. Scary movies, not so much.

ZooKeeper said...

Are you sure your not worse than me? yeah, probably not. I'm very easily spooked but I guess when you've had a stalker it does kinda upset things in the lil ol brain.

Miss Thystle said...

I want a basket hound! I love them, with their floppity ears...but CERTAIN PEOPLE think they bay too much. Whatever.

Cindy R said...

Sometimes I get spooked alone at night, but since we have the dogs now I'm not worried as much. Bear is VERY protective of me.
HA! I see you have had weird dreams too this week!Where in the hell did a sub come from?? Doesn't that crap drive you crazy, wondering why are you dreaming about that? LOL
Take care girl!