Friday, March 14, 2008

It's A Rough Life!!

Some looks like some one has leaked in a knockout there are cats laid out everywhere!!!

A modern Granny!!
Have a great weekend.


MizAngie said...

LOVE the pink Chuck Taylor's. I can't stand hightops on my ankles, though - dernit!

I think Timber is sore all over from his 3-day hump fest. Poor guy! He hasn't done anything but sleep since I brought him home. I vaguely remember how that is. hahah!

Bird said...

Love love love the shoes. Pink shoes are the best.

You know, I came by twice yesterday and both times I got interrupted before I could leave a comment. I am pretty scared of guns myself. I wonder if I need some gun education? For a while the Hub had a hankering for a gun--he's an expert marksmen on a whole bunch of different military weapons--but these days he hasn't mentioned it. they just kind of freak me out.

Billie said...

I love that picture of your two cats sleeping together.

Darlene said...

You know how we love it when you take pictures of your feet.

I remember wearing converse in high school. It was all the rage. I had red ones, yellow ones and blue ones I think. I need PINK!

Awwww, your kitties are so sweet!

Mannyed said... did I miss this post?! I love those kitty pictures! And the pink cons are grreat! I perfer the low tops, but those work too.