Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hell Has Froze Over!!

Enough with the rain....We had 5 1/4 inches of rain at our house!!

And I took a road trip!!
Across the state!!
Roy kept sayin' "This is one of the stupidest things you've ever done!"
We went 'round and 'round....I'm sure there are more stupid things than drivin' all day in the rain in a car that hydroplanes when the roads are damp!! Roads were washin' out and roads were closed and cars in the ditch from hyroplanin' in the rain.
But at the moment I can't think of one single thing more stupid than takin' to the road...hundreds are floodin' my brain and I can't pick just one!!

But I got up yesterday with every intention of spendin' the day with my sister RubyJune and her kids. We were goin' South to see the new grandbaby.

I was gonna dress up nice...I was goin' with RubyJune and I knew I had to look spiffy! She's so girly...I'm not.
Her 8th grade Graduation shoes had to be THE EXACT COLOR AS HER DRESS. I was happy mine was in the ball field of the same color!! Blue's blue and peach is peach. I didn't know that there was so many different shades of pink!!
And you try to find emerald green shoes for a emerald green Prom Dress!!!
And jewerly!!
And her make up is just perfect along with her hair.
Her hair is a big thing. She started bleachin' it when she was 12! I have always teased her about wantin' what I had naturally....being blonde!
For her senior prom I had her hair all teased up and enough Aqua Net to hold it up to all the activities that happen...becuz we all know...nothin' comes off faster than a Prom Dress!!

But was rainin'!!
Toad are stranglin'!!!
It didn't matter what I did to my hair it was gonna fall. So I just washed and moussed it and said good enough....I pulled on my Levi's, my Chuck's, and an OU hoodie.
Yep, Good Enough!
And I did do up my makeup....I have to at least look like I own 35! I would actually be with a 35 year old and I must hold my own!
With Roy a bitchin' all the way out the door I headed was awful!! The drive down the turnpike!!!

Don't tell Roy!!!
The last thing I want to do is give him the satisfaction of being right!!
So I get to RubyJune's and she's in the driveway.

There she stands in her heels, cute jeans, a black shirt and her leather jacket.....with a wet head!!

Get the Devil a Hot Cocoa.....Hell, has froze over!!

I musta had that "RubyJune Harleson! What ARE you thinkin'?" look on my face becuz the first words outta her mouth was, "It's rainin'! And I don't care!"
At least she had her make up on!

We loaded up the kids in her truck and headed out.


Bird said...

I felt the same way a couple of years ago when my then-roommate wore glasses out of the house. I still think about it sometimes. That SO wasn't like her.

My hair is always a big poofy mess. Half the time I don't even bother.

MizAngie said...

I've gotten horrible about the hair. Got a perm so I didn't have to fuss with it in the morning (so I can sleep twenty more minutes). And when all else fails - braids and ponytails!!! But, like RubyJune, I won't go outta the house without some makeup (war paint).

Darlene said...

Hell, I have not done my makeup in like three months. The only time my hair gets done is when I am at the salon for a cut.

I am sooooo not a girly-girl.

Jeankfl said...

I almost never wear makeup anymore.. I got out of the habit when I moved to Florida and it would be melted off by 10 am!!!
Yeah.. I've had enough rain.. I think we've had about 5 inches, too.. If it all floods, I'll come get you in the boat!lol

Vivkie said...

Would that have been pink high tops with a crimson OU hoodie?

Susan said...

I hate my hair...

How's the grandbaby? I thought only southerners used that term.