Friday, March 21, 2008

Get Out the Tissues....

She's gone all hormonal!!

The last 3 times I have cried over nothing.....

1) Nickelback...Far Away. Beautiful song!!!

I used it for a picture/video I made for Roy's Valentine gift...he cried!!

I used it for a gift for his kids....a picture/video of some pictures they have never seen from Roy's past...Marine Corps stuff....and I used that song as background music.....they cried!!

But what set me off was listening to it in the car on the way to see the Grandbaby and remembering that song is the ringtone for my Granny on my sister phone....and I cried!!

2) Tim Gunn's Guide to Style.....Oh Yes!! I cried over that show!!

A young woman that thought she was frumpy was guided by Mr. Gunn into a whole new world of unfrumpiness. It was awesome to watch her face light up with just the right dress!! I was overwhelmed.

And to start with she was not frumpy at all. One of the cutest gals!!

3) The History of St. Patrick....on the History Channel!!!

Okay this one came from left field. I was reading the book from The ChickenLitBookClub, mindin' my own business when that program came on....I can't read and watch TV and I was pulled right into the History of St. Patrick...and bawlin'!

I can only sum it up as seein' the Irish and their Pride of all things Irish was just overwhelmin'!!
It only equals my pride of being an Okie...Oh God!!
Here we go again!!

Welcome to Hormone Hell!!


ITChick said...

Gotta love it when that happens. :) BTW: The Chicken Lit'ers will be posting the final wrap-up of the book soon. Thank God for that - I'm ready to chuck Joe out the window for good.

Oh... and you're on the official bookclub blogroll - party on!

Miss Thystle said...

OMG. I thought I was the only one who cried when people get makeovers. Tim Gunn is a genius and I love him so much for helping people to realize that they are beautiful!

MizAngie said...

Have you seen that HORRIBLE show on Lifetime called something like "How to Look Good Naked"? One of those gay makeover guys is the host. It's AWFUL - and I only watched the preview. Ha!!

I have a feeling that in 3-5 days we're going to be reading about how bitchy you are... PMS anyone?

Vickie said...

Tonight is the full moon. You will feel better soon.

Vickie said...

Tonight is the full moon. You will feel better soon.

mannyd said...

Roy did not cry, now way. :o)

Beth said...

HOpe you had a great Easter Weekend !!!!

Sherrie said...

I cried Monday, I tried not to, we had my daughter to the school to catch the bus for the airport, (she's in Paris as we speak). All the mamas and da pappas waving goodbye, and I put on my biggest, bravest, I'm a good mommy smile and hugged her, then stuck out my tongue at her ( and she stuck out hers back!) and a smiled and waved. I'm such a good mommy, then it was home for a couple of more hours of sleep. One o'clock we pack up the man childs vehicle, Dad hops in with him, I follow, drive an hour out of town to take him to his dorm. He started at the fire school the next day. We check him in, check out his room, find out how much room he has in the one fridge, take him grocery shopping, then for supper, then back to his room. Help him carry in his groceries, offer to help him fill his fridge and he hugs me, and looks at his Dad, and says to me "that's ok Mom, I can do it". I say "we aren't in a hurry I can help", and he says "she's gonna cry all the way home ain't she". I say "NO I'M NOT!", and hang my head, take hubbies hand, drag my feet and walk away out of the dorm. To the vehicle, the whole time some humongous creature is sitting on my chest. I can feel it!!!!! ...........and I cry, for the first 15 minutes at least, on the way home. Just like I just started to do now :-), he really isn't a manchild anymore now is he?