Thursday, March 27, 2008


And I'm not talkin' about my permanent record.......Nope! We're not talkin' about that!

But our moral convictions....The way we see things and why we make a stand for those things.

I have banned myself from the local tag office becuz of my convictions....Those Fuckin' Bitches....and Roy was so embarrassed by what happened that he didn't go back for a long time. That and the fact that I TOLD him to NEVER GO BACK!!

And I don't want to talk about that incident....though I would like to say...It wasn't my fault!

I have refused to use a certain convenience store becuz of my convictions. I don't care if they have cheapest gas in the county. I don't care if the owner came to my office for pet care.

I will not grace his business with my presence.

He and his cronies help spread rumors about me and Roy.

Am I not justified???

My stance on AT&T....has not dwindled either....I just can't remember why I won't use them! But I know it was a damn good reason!

I wanted to switch my cell phone carrier to Cingular...becuz I wanted my minutes to rollover.... but AT&T took over!!!

I am so avid in my beliefs, Roy started tellin' me to not get upset over certain things or businesses becuz he would like to still use them or go to them.

"Sometimes there is just bad service and that doesn't mean there needs to be a life-time ban on the Red Lobster!"


He really hated to drive to the other county to get his car tags and all business related to the tag office.....he started going to the local one....despite my protest....despite how pleasant the other office was!!

"WE have "punished" them long enough." he said rollin' his eyes!

He wasn't there...those fuckin' bitches..... and it wasn't my fault!!

But the one thing I will not backdown on is...TIDE!

I refuse to use TIDE!

His former wife used TIDE!

Plus, that shit's expensive!!

I am a firm believer that certain smells can evoke memories.....good or bad....that smell of Tide makes me think of how he smelled when she washed his clothes. The last thing I want is for it to trigger any pleasant memory from THEIR past together!!

He has no idea about why I don't really use TIDE...he thinks I'm just pinchin' pennies!

He teases me by tryin' to hide it in the shoppin' cart....or places it the middle of the aisle so I have to move it to get down the aisle.

You would think after 14 years together, a person would forget smells....and tastes.

Yes...taste.... think about the taste of that first kiss from your was awesome!!

But's a whole other blog!!

What is your oddball conviction?


Miss Thystle said...

Qwest is dead to me. Louis Budding lunch meat is dead to me. Olive Garden is dead to me. Performance Auto Diesel is dead to me. Waste Management is dead to me. Ragu is dead to me. Garcia's License Services is dead to me. Chase Bank is dead to me.

I could probably go on, because, you know, I have red hair. We hold grudges with a death grip!

ZooKeeper said...

I don't think I have any convictions. Maybe that is oddball in and of itself.

ZooKeeper said...

I don't think I have any convictions. Maybe that is oddball in and of itself.

Becca said...

I have been told that I have no conscience, so how could I have any convictions? LOL! Or so says my ex, who is on to wife number 4, so you can take that with a grain, a rather big grain of salt!

Anonymous said... Nadine. It's not healthy to hold grudges. I think it raises your blood pressure. But if it wasn't your fault and you got in trouble..those are mental, not legal convictions you're referring to right?...then it is ok to boycott certain establishments..I'm sure that will lower your blood pressue. Now not using certain products due to the smell is interesting and something I can understand. Why just this morning there was something in the paper to the effect that the sense of smell is closly linked to emotions, and is even hightened when under stress. So there you go! Have a good weekend, you and Roy. PMPM

Vickie said...

My husband insist we boycott places. I prefer to stomp my feet and throw a fit.(Not often though)
I refuse to drink cheap tequila. It has to be Jose Cuevero or better.

Proto said...

My record? Why do you want to bring up my record? Man. I did my time, I payed my debt to society. You ought to just move along and leave me alone. Chong to Cheech I don't use Bank of America either.

MizAngie said...

Shit fire, Nadine. Have you not read the headline on my blog? *Holding a grudge is like taking poison and hoping the other guy dies.* There's just no point in getting all bowed-up about a person or place because they just don't give a shit. However, if you can get EVEN with some sort of measurable revenge - that's different!!! hahahahah!

Bird said...

I'd say that Walgreen is dead to me, but really just their pharmacy. Actually a couple of pharmacies are dead to me and there's only one that we use now. They are the BEST and I hope that they keep it up because it's very hard to find a place like that.

Beth said...

I have been watching the weather and your parts seem to be getting hit hard, hope you are all well. I hear tornados are moving thru as well. Hunker down as they say.

Billie said...

I do not eat Domino's Pizza. I haven't eaten it for about 20 years.

It all goes back to my third year of university when we had a major inter-class group assignment that involved creating a business case for Domino's. I did poorly on the peer grading which I thought was unfair because it wasn't my fault my research wasn't used. I ended up losing my scholarship because the assignment was worth 10% of EVERY class mark.