Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 Moments of "What The Hell?!"....

In one trip town!

Yep, just one trip to town....only gone for 45 minutes!

1) I went to town to get the new book for the ChickenLitBookClub...which is too funny all by itself....becuz I'm an idiot...and blonde!!!

What the Hell?!

I came home with the wrong book!! AirHead!!!!

2) I started the car........What the Hell?! Something was amiss!! I got out and looked around and couldn't put my finger on what it was! I don't need air in the tires.

I can hear the odd knock...Roy can't so there is no real problem. If he can't hear it, we'll wait until it becomes something that he can hear and pay $300 for whatever part that just needs oiled or tightened..... NOW!!

Not my logic but what do I know....I can't figure out what's wrong with it at this moment in time!!

And then like a ton of hits me!!!

The radio isn't on!!

What a dumbass!!! No air needed for the tires....plenty in my head!!!

3) Since being in my retirement years I have noticed that life needs to be savored. I drive much slower and give a wide berth to those other people on the road....a more mature Nadine.

So on the way home, I was mindin' my on business when I caught up to 3 other cars....I was the caboose on the train!

What the Hell!? 45mph...good grief I'm not dead!

But I wait....I am more mature now. Isn't it odd how the car in the tailend of the train of cars is drivin' the slowest....a part of physics I just don't have a grasp on!

The lead car had to be old know how I feel about old people....deep mature.

Second car...state vehicle....convict van....And I guess he didn't want to pass with that load of convicts....those bastards might squeal on the driver....whatever.

We all could have been on our merry way....but noooooo.....deep mature....another can do it!

Third car....a mustang...... And we all know I have no respect for those either.

But he would have had to pass both to move on down the road at the speed limit.....and he would have had to be clippin'it at about 90 to get all the way around....just a guess.

I don't actually know....I've never driven a Mustang.

I gave him plenty of room if he wanted to try it....which reminds me of another moment of maturity on my part but I'll leave that for another day.....they're rare...I won't forget it.

So today I sat back and enjoyed my deep breathin' and rockin' out to the Eagles.

And then me....and I can't legally pass all 3 and do it in the legal passing zone.....and not hit 110!!

It came time to stop and make decisions on which way to go....left to home or right to town....the old people picked to go my way.....the convict van picked to go my way.....the Mustang....went right....ONE LESS CAR FOR ME TO DEAL WITH!!!

I gave those two cars plenty of time to do their thing.....and I'll be a sumbitch it that van didn't ride upon the old peoples' ass and then brake.....with all kinds of room to pass!!! The old people were only doin' 40!! Pass them!!

That was all I could stand!

What the Hell?!

Fuck Maturity!!!

And Pfffft I was gone!!


Dawn said...

love the new layout...yep I've been offline for a couple of days and had to get caught up...
....loved the one about the "best friend"...that's me in my neck of the woods....hubby's fear I'll contaminate they're delicate flowers.....I'm all about the contamination....let's have fun...
...still cry when I hear the song Far beautiful...
...and I think you're right...maybe the politicians should just lay it all on the line so some reporter doesn't out them later....anyway....have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadine, I love what you've done with your blog!! It's awesome. Everytime I try to do something cool to mine it fights back! Then again I'm still on what should I expect, right.Anyway, don't be too hard on Mustangs..I've got a 69 Coupe and it could pass all those cars rather quickly!! See you soon. PMPM

Mannyed said...

Looove those pictures! Awesome!

I feel like I have no fewer than five hundred and fifty one million "what the hell?" moments walking down a city block. everyday.

Bird said...

It's gettin' crazy over here.

If you are going 45 now that you're retired than how fast were you going before? Oh, the questions.

Oh, and my what the hells? I like to save those for when I'm on the long highway that leads to my town. Some people!

MizAngie said...

Wait, wait, wait. You're RETIRED but you're dissing Old People? Wouldn't that make you an Old People? hahahahahha!!! I'm picking up on a telepathic raised middle finger coming from Oklahoma. Ha!!

I like that "fuck maturity." I say that a lot...

Becca said...


I like your style!

Sherrie said...

I've best just leave this page open so I can actually catch up! Love the layout though girlie, it's mysterious just like you :-)

Sherrie said...

oi.......first I spell decided wrong, then my smiley face is all fawked up.....I'm such a loser!